Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Easiest Way to Setup Your Own Domain in Blogger

Hooray, I've got my own domain! ^^

So to everyone who links me up, please change my URL to http://www.iamneri.com. Anyway, my previous URL redirects to my new domain so it's ok also.

I was about to purchase a domain in GoDaddy.com but then I had to check the settings for setting up a domain hosted in Blogger. Lo and behold because Blogger already offers you to buy a domain that will be automatically linked to your existing blog in Blogger. Great!

Just go to your blogger dashboard and click Settings. Proceed to the Publishing tab and if you're still publishing your blog under the blogspot domain of Blogger, click the Custom Domain link provided.

You will then be directed to the Buy Domain Page where you can choose your domain name and check its availability.

Once your chosen domain name is available, you will be redirected to the first of three steps for setting up the domain via Google Apps. You will be prompted of the features included in the $10 package and then click the "Continue your registration" button to proceed. You will then be asked to input certain details for the domain afterwhich you can proceed to Google Checkout and complete the purchase.

Note: If you can't proceed to checkout because the system prompts you that street address must be at most 30 characters, cut a part of your address in the first textbox then paste it to the second. That would do the trick so you can be allowed for the next step. It seems like a bug that Google needs to fix. Anyway, I still love Google. Teehee.

So there you go, you have your own domain automatically setup with your Blogger account and other Google services. How easy is that, ei?

So why www.iamneri.com instead of www.iamner.com? The iamner.com is already taken by the International Association of Minority Network Equipment Resellers (IAMNER). Huhuhu. So bear with the additional 'i' and I'm thinking what to put after Never Ending Resolve that starts with the letter 'I'. Any suggestions? :D


  1. YAY!!! me .com na sha!

    i'm also planning to buy me my own domain name!

    mas marami daw opps sa mga sponsored review sites

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