Friday, September 26, 2008

Belated Happy Blogday to Me

I thought this blog's birthday was this month so I was supposed to write on its birthday here. But checking on my first post, this blog's birthday is in fact on the 16th of August!!! I missed its birthday. Boohoo. (FYI, Aug 16 is also my friend Nhut's birthday. :P)

So I'll blog about my own anniversary in blogging instead. It was September 22, 2005 when I first entered the blogosphere through Friendster. (And I'm surprised in visiting my first blog because I didn't know that WordPress hosted Friendster blogs now. I'm so outdated. Hehehe. Well, good for them.)

As what happened last year, I didn't know that I was turning 3 years in blogging.

I celebrated my second year of blogging last September 22 without me knowing it transpired already. My, my. I thought I'd be able to post on the same day that I first spoke up in the blogosphere. I came a little late.

I first blogged at Friendster when I had no knowledge whatsoever of blogging.

So belated happy blogday to me! ^^

Wishing myself more readers, blog posts and blogs to come for the next year. Thanks for being a part of my 3rd year! Lemme see if I can cook something as a token of my appreciation to my loyal readers. (How many they may be.) I think I got my domain on my first day for my 4th year. Yay, what a start! ^^

Cheers! :)

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