Sunday, August 3, 2008

What Have I Done...

Meow... For the past week I was away from the blogosphere. I can't say I was away from the computer since my job entails me to be in front of it almost 8 hours a day.

Aside from getting started with my new company, I lost internet connectivity at home and just got it back today. Don't worry, people; I'm not stressing myself really. That's why I wasn't able to blog regularly. I didn't want to stress myself.

Because of the new schedule (8:30AM to 5:30PM), my body clock isn't accustomed yet so when I come home I always tend to get sleepy. Thus I'm not fit to blog then. Hehe. After a few more days, I'd get by the usual grind and come back to you often. Really.

I got a couple of tasks outside work, mainly writing/blogging... my article in Salakot (a local newspaper), content for a possible new Capampangan site I'm brewing with a friend *wink*, two site reviews, notes to blog in my new-found language PHP, the overwhelming shower of tags here and there, a movie review for 'A Very Special Love'? (Just watched it last evening.) Hehe.

Actually I'm not really busy. I just tend to stop when there's so many things to do. So I won't buckle down. ;)

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