Monday, July 28, 2008

My Thank You Speech

After more than a week of the new layout (and still not finished with the blog-organizing because of sleepiness), a thank you speech should well be given.

First of all, I wanna thank Carlota for giving me the opportunity to join the contest. I didn't expect to win and afterwards, I didn't expect the layout would turn out this great. ^^ Here's the original image I gave her as basis. NER(Thanks to Mike for my anime version. Yup, that's me with the cat. Though it doesn't look like it. Hehe. I just changed the background to become a night scene. Mike's so talented. Lookie here for more of his works. ^^)

Special thanks to my self-appointed campaign managers and their supporters. To Prick for his co-employees in TNCDi in the Philippines and Japan, plus Minifussy United Kingdom and also those in Korea and Washington. To Lowell for his constant force of friends. To Jap for his personal and SMS campaign to officemates and friends. They consistently reported results and I think they were more eager and competitive than I was. Hehe.

Thanks to all my blogging friends who I need not remind constantly to support me but voted me all the way namely: Emcee, F&F, Enday, Arvin, Blanne, Marvz, KC, Ester, Bryan, Eunice (vote for her till July 31 here!).

Thanks to all my online and offline friends whom I campaigned to through blog-hopping, YM and Friendster... my calugurans, ASC family, Rachel and some officemates, Retchel, Nie, Aldrin, etc.

Who else? I don't know everyone who supported me unless they left a comment or told me so. So if I left you out, just leave a comment so I can update this. ;)

Thanks for the overwhelming support. I would have backed down if it weren't for you all. Hugs and kisses again. ^^


  1. you deserved to win for all the efforts to campaign you've done..and congrats! it's a nice layout u've got!:)

  2. It's nice layout you have got, friends :)