Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ten NER Basics

Ok, KC, here's my end of the tag. Thanks for waiting. Haha. ;)

The tag is about 10 random things about me. But I'll try to encapsulate my essence with my interests.

1. Movies. I love watching and reviewing movies. One of my all-time fave romance movies is 'When Harry Met Sally.' Good thing I just found a video of its theme song 'It Had to Be You' by Harry Connick, Jr. though it's an original Frank Sinatra song.

2. Books. My long-time pastime since highschool is reading pocketbooks. I'm currently reading 'An Interview with the Vampire' by Anne Rice but I enjoyed 'The Vampire Lestat' more. I was able to read the sequel first rather than the start of The Vampire Chronicles. Hehe.

3. Videoke. I love singing at videokes. It's a pity my former officemates and I don't have the opportunity now to continue our acoustic band. I was one of the vocalists. :D

4. IT. I am currently a PHP programmer at (Yes, that's my new company. :D) But I was a .NET developer before and used mostly Microsoft products in my previous job at Makati. You see, these programming languages are worlds apart in software development. Hehe.

5. Food. I'm a Capampangan and Capampangans are known for their cooking prowess. Well... I don't cook. Haha. But I definitely have the Capampangan taste. ;)

6. Photography. I wanted to have a camera when I was in 4th year high school so I can take pictures of clouds. I love gazing at clouds. *sigh*

7. Poetry. Before I learned the magic of blogging, my outlet was poetry. It started out when I was appointed to join a poetry-making contest in fifth grade then I tried to write personal poems in high school.

8. Blogging. I started blogging perhaps three years ago in Friendster when I was doing overtime work at Globe. After a few shifts in blogging platforms, I settled here. Never Ending Resolve was just a play on words to form my nickname, Ner. :D

9. Love. I'm a hopeless romantic. I believe in soulmates though I'm not that idealistic anymore, of course. Through time, I've learned that love isn't just magic. You make it work. You choose to fall out of love. (A friend just told me her sad love story. She said I blog it. Should I blog love stories here? I got a lot up my sleeve. Hehe.)

10. God. I believe there's only one God, though we have many names for Him. I respect all kinds of religion because I believe that there's no formula for worship. Go with what suits you in order to praise Him best. Religion shouldn't be a barrier for anyone of us. A truly godly person goes beyond religion. ;)

If you believe what I just said, I urge you to grab this tag. ^^

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  1. He he.. You took a tag and turned it into an Auto-biography !! he he ! Koool ! :)

    And never knew u were an IT professional too :) And from .Net to PHP ?? LOL.. That's tooo big a deviation ! Anyway , even i love .Net - especially the ASP.Net part of it ! But i think my company will be puttin me under the j2ee domain only :(