Saturday, August 30, 2008

How the "Aswang Issue" Started on Pokwang

As I've stated earlier, I was browsing through local gossips today.

Why? Because I chanced to watch Startalk this afternoon and in the brief moments that I was able to glue in on the boob tube, it so happened that the show launched a new segment named "Commentirador." The segment showcased the antics and blind items from, none other than, Joey de Leon himself. Of course, the first (and perhaps the only) person that I know of that JDL will "stone" is Willie Revillame. But since I wasn't dipping my fingers into the latest scoops and scandals as of late, I didn't exactly know what JDL was implying in the segment. Therefore I researched in the net. ;)

So I gathered that it was Pokwang who was JDL's latest victim. Ahh, but why her, I asked. I got to the Swing Aswang song but not the reason. I got to Willie's defense on Pokwang but not the reason. I got to Pokwang's statement in PEP but not the reason. I was reading tidbits of the reason coming from Eat Bulaga's LA show but not the whole story.

I was beginning to scrap my curiosity when I found the above video here. This clip was the culprit of the still-steaming Aswang Issue.

I think the word "aswang" was put in the song spontaneously by JDL because it rhymed with Pokwang. However it's now a big deal and is the current fad in the network war. It's becoming ugly and I hope it stops for Pokwang's sake. Not JDL's, not Willie's.

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