Saturday, August 9, 2008

Black Death

No, I'm not being morbid here. This is about the black death of the A/C Compressor.

What is Black Death and what is A/C compressor? For those not in the know (like I did a while ago), A/C stands for air conditioning so an A/C compressor is the air conditioning compressor in your car. Black death is when the A/C oil breaks down and results into overheating, which then results to a black sludge.

Black Death

Well, if you’re into cars then you might know what those two terms mean already. But if you’re just like me who’s an ignoramus with these things, might as well check out this car parts blog I found, which is aptly named Blog Car Parts.

The said blog specializes on auto parts and other car-related issues. Perhaps if you’re knowledgeable with cars, you can join them or give your own two cents’ worth by leaving comments. Well, this isn’t my forte so I’ll just leave this up to you. And again, if you’re like me who needs more advice and information on cars, especially if you’re just learning to drive (though I’m not), we can pick up some good advice here and fortunately understand the comings and goings of a car.

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