Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mourning for Nothing

He's in the frontyard again in his usual sleeping chair.

As if everything's normal again and back in place. As if nothing happened. As if he wasn't away for days.

Yesterday, after two days of no contact or information of his whereabouts, the family has accepted the worst. That something bad has befallen him and caused his death. Because recently he gets bruises and wounds from fights. He couldn't tell us what happened to him when he comes home this way.

I woke up yesterday with a couple of tears when I remembered him and I can't help but be sad till dinner last night. I felt I was like the MV Princess victims' family, who can't grieve completely because his body hasn't been found yet.

However, my ears pricked up when I heard a familiar voice this morning. It was him! I heard Mama scolding and asking him where he had been. She also told him our worries that he might have been dead already.

I rose and walked slowly towards the door until I saw him. I went and cuddled him the way I used to, all the while scolding him, too. I was so happy he's back.

From there, he went on his usual bickering and asked for food. He's always starving. It seems his large frame slimmed down, perhaps due to not eating much the past few days.

After two rounds of eating, he stayed on the stairs, one of his favorite places in the house, where I accompanied him. He went on yowling for food but I said he's had enough to eat for the moment. He was craving for attention so I stayed a little longer by his side. I scratched his head the way he liked it. Whenever I prepare myself to get up and leave, he yowls for more. Until he jumped down the stairs and went for the kitchen.

Ponky drinking from the basinI thought he was heading for food but he went to the wash room. He kept on yowling and I remembered the basin was removed. So I got the tabo (dipper) and filled it with tap water then set it in front of him. He happily licked it for a while then got out the room.

I'm glad my cat is finally home and alive. ^^

*photo taken 3 years ago

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  1. ner sabi ko na e..either pusa or aso ung nawawala..hehehe buti naman at umuwi na siya :)