Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Being Filipino is Tiring

Even by just watching the news, you can get tired. With all the destruction and suffering that Typhoon Frank left in the country (what more the politics, corruption and economy), sadness (or hatred) may fill your heart and exhaust your happiness. Especially for the direct hits of the disaster.

As I was blog-hopping the previous nights (or early mornings), I stumbled upon blogger Faery and I was surprised to read her post. Her cousin's husband Jomer was a passenger in MV Princess of the Stars on that fateful day and, as of today, he still hasn't been found. Nevertheless their neighbor Ruel, one of the ship's crew and one of the survivors found in Quezon, confirmed that Jomer had jumped off the vessel when the captain announced 'abandon ship'.

Please join me in praying not only for the missing passengers and crew of the capsized ship but also for their loved ones. As Faery posted:

I can't help but ask. If worse comes to worse, which would you prefer? Seeing a loved one dead or have them missing for like...forever?
It's really disheartening.


Being a Filipino is already exhausting what with the economy and state of our country. Plus the discrimination we get from other nations. My friends in Singapore said that even though they're all Asians there, you can still see some discrimination on Filipinos. Sad, ei? :(

But let's see this article here.
Click the image to enlarge.
Thanks to emcee for sharing this. :)

It's good to hear that our global presence isn't totally taken for granted. I remember Zafra's previous write-up that we can achieve world domination by using our domestic helpers abroad. Perhaps we have a better chance now for world domination since almost all of the Filipino families have at least one relative abroad. Think about that.


Actually I was inspired to do this post because I'm tired. Physically. (Not yet mentally and emotionally.)

I'm changing my body clock so I can sleep normally like other people do and not like I'm in a graveyard shift. I don't even have a job so why should I do night shifts? I'm going to sleep now and tomorrow morning I hope I can greet you and do my regular visits to my blogging friends. (It's great to know that you can find sweet individuals online.) Also, I'll be going through my job-hunting. Shh. ^^

So I'll leave you with this pretty thought, which I got from Fab.

I know this is kinda girlie, but we can all relate to the general idea, don't we? What's more tiring than to be someone you're not? But then who's tiring you but yourself? ;)

Good night, people. Sweet dreams! ^^


  1. Such a nice blog. I hope you will create another post like this.

  2. Girl, you should really make plans to go to another country and live there for while. Then come back and tell yourself that being a Filipino is tiring. =)

  3. ..... i still hope for the best

  4. Hey, Ner. Thanks for writing about Jomer's plight here. I really appreciate it, and I'm touched. and I agree with you, being a Filipino is never easy. You have a nice and thoughtful blog here. Keep it up.

  5. @lotto tickets: thanks! sige po, will do :)

    @urban warrior aka kiko: haha, let's see. pero i know the answer naman. i'd come back to the philippines pa rin :P

    @leviuqse: me, too. amen to that :)

    @faeryrowan: thanks po for visiting. i'm happy that you appreciated this. thanks po :)