Monday, July 14, 2008

I Got Locked in My Own Room

Dreaded DoorknobA few minutes ago my family was shouting and banging the door... from outside this room where I'm writing this post.

My sister Let just got home and tried to open the door of my room when it won't budge. She thought I locked it and I shouted back that I didn't. She asked Mama if someone locked it and Mama didn't know either. Until I also heard Papa in the commotion outside. Meanwhile, I knew that the doorknob will soon be destroyed because it might have locked on its own. I just continued thinking of what to blog.

Their shouting didn't cease so it was my turn to shout back. No, I didn't lock it. Yes, I'm also trying to open it inside. Yes, I tried locking and unlocking it. To no avail.

Papa then appeared from the window. (We have some little space from the wall so that one person can fit and walk right through the side of the house.) He didn't believe that I tried opening the door. He had to see from himself. After making him believe my conscious effort on doorknobbing, they tried to force the door open.

Mama was triumphant with the can opener. Imagine that! A can opener opened the doorknob. Haha!

Let then told me that while she was already panicking on the locked door, Mama was about to eat pizza and wasn't listening to Let. When Let persisted, Mama was dubious if she should let go of her pizza slice. Hehe.

My room can't be locked anymore. At least I'll have pizza later to ease the pain. Haha.

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