Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Do You Watch Commercials?

Of course you do. Unless you don't watch TV per se.

But do you really watch commercials intently? Even for their more or less Php1M 30-second worth?

Well, sometimes I get more entertained with commercials rather than the show I'm watching. Like last night, I was laughing out loud when I watched an anti-fungal cream commercial. A fat guy was itching his back while in the swimming pool. He shouted to his friend (while a lot of people are in the swimming pool also), "My ringworm itches!" [Nangangati ang buni ko!] Of course, all stared at him and started shrieking and going out of the pool. Well that's funnier seen than read. Hehe.

I've always watched out for commercials of Coke (never boring), McDo (cute), Lucky Me (family-oriented), and a little Jollibee (sometimes ok, sometimes OA but I love Jollibee!). What else?

Well, it seems that a new product called HammeRuler is going out by end of 2008 and it's asking for our opinion on what to place in their commercial. Got any bright ideas?

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