Monday, July 7, 2008

Hancock, NOT an Action Film

I was pondering on what movie to watch last Saturday night, either Wanted or Hancock. I can't pick both because I was supposed to meet a girlfriend by 7:30. I watched Hancock in the end because its schedule fitted mine.

HancockI was gearing up for an action-packed adventure so I was pretty disappointed with what was in store for me. Not that Hancock was a flop, but I was expecting hard action.

Next time, I should read reviews or even just the gist before watching movies so that I won't expect something that isn't supposed to be in the plot.

Why didn't I do such things when I always read movie summaries and reviews? Because I trusted the trailer plus it's Will Smith. I always like Will Smith movies. (Much like Robin Williams and Adam Sandler. It's not about the lead actor, but more of the scripts they pick.)

Nevertheless, Hancock is a good film, still worth watching in the big screen. The effects are good though only minimal because it wasn't supposed to be an action movie. That's how I looked at it.

Will SmithIt's more of a dissection of a superhero's lonely life in a world where he isn't accepted because of his extraordinariness (and smugness). I liked Will Smith's acting (almost always) though I think his signature teary-eyed look was spread all over the length of the movie that I became used to it. Overdoing something beautiful becomes ineffective when seen as a whole.

What I loved in the story is Jason Bateman's PR character Ray. The movie's actual message can be summed up in Ray's personality and main goal, which is All Heart. What interested me, however, was Mary (Charlize Theron) and her relationship with Hancock and Ray, her husband. But, of course, I can't spoil you the ending. :P

Charlize Theron

Nevertheless, I think the plot wasn't tight enough and lacked development on each character. Plus the fact that Hancock's superhero identity had no strong background to begin with. Also, despite the fact that the story was beautiful, especially the message, they weren't able to give it a more dramatic push for further reflection on the movie-goer's part.

Still, perhaps I'm too negative because I was expecting action, real hard-core. I'd give Hancock three stars out of five because I'd agree with Fab that it still was a "good job" mostly because of the twist. ;)

After the credits, I was glum. I was telling myself that I should have watched Wanted instead. I thought, why not watch it afterwards? But how can I when I had an appointment? Yet I was able to watch Wanted. The details... tomorrow. ;)

Photos were taken from Adam Fendelman's review at Chicago Film Examiner. I agree with his critique. Am I too harsh? :D

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  1. hmm i was thinking of watching this too...

    maybe this weekend

    nice review!

  2. i so agree with everything you said. in my opinion, ray is really the pillar of this movie. :)

    can't wait to read your review for wanted! don't have time to watch it na..the next couple of weeks will be hectic for me.

    see you back at our site! ¤mwahugs¤

  3. im about to watch this movie tom! yey. ;)

    and wanted on friday.

    too bad, my free sched is too late for those movies. lots of people in office are talking about these 2 movies.