Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight, The Anti-Superhero

The Dark Knight
After watching Dark Knight, I asked my friend if she liked it. She did. I was a bit uneasy. I know it was beautiful but it left me blank. No, it left me puzzled. I said it was like beer. I don't like the taste of it but I keep on drinking it, wanting it. That's how my Dark Knight experience was, I guess. An intoxication. :D

A beautiful film but more of intellectual than action. I thought perhaps a regular action moviegoer won't appreciate its meaning but I gathered a lot of good reviews online so far. That's great. And Heath Ledger (The Joker) is definitely worth watching. ;)

Why So Serious? Let's Put a Smile on That Face.Again, I felt insanity in watching this film but not the silly sadistic insanity of Wanted but a serious psychopathic one. The dark insanity that you don't want to put yourself into. The dangerous threshold of insanity --- chilling, creepy, frightening and brutally real.

It seems that action films are going beyond their genre, like Hancock did with its dramatic goodwill. Here we see an action film transcend into a glorious wisdom on humanity. A play on the virtues of truth and morality. Is truth really the truth? How righteous can one be in an evil world?

I believe in Harvey DentThe opening scenes were good but after the robbery, it seemed a little dull for me. After perhaps three or four sequences, I only got perked up with the Bruce Wayne-Harvey Dent (Christian Bale-Aaron Eckhart) encounter. The catchy line comes up: "You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain." Afterwards I was glued in suspense.

What I didn't like was Batman himself. Well not actually him but his voice and his headgear. I didn't like his deep electronic voice and that headgear that looks awkward on (delicious ^^) Christian Bale. [Why is it that Batman is sexier than Superman though they just both wear tights? :P]

Overall the emphasis was not on Batman. Or his being a hero. On the contrary, most of the movie was for not needing Batman. His eradication but his necessity. Ah... a paradox. Perhaps that's one of the reasons I like Dark Knight. It's a collage of paradoxes. A very good intellectual game. The whole movie was like a psych war and in the end I think Joker still won. But of course, in a way, he has to because we need another Batman movie after this.

Heath Ledger is The JokerWitty and freaky at the same time, I give a perfect five to... the late Heath Ledger's compelling "transformation." It's just so saddening to have lost a great actor. I still can't believe it was him inside that Joker. Until now, I get the creeps when I see The Joker's photos.

Photos were taken from The Dark Knight's Official Site,, and

See also the chaotic sites I Believe in Harvey Dent and I Believe in Harvey Dent Too. (For the latter, it's not an error page. Right click and select all to see a "funny" message.)


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