Sunday, June 22, 2008

Project Paint Gate: Part 2

So I left you off last time with us, the family, disappointed with the paint acquired... the horrid-looking red-violet for our gate.

What transpired with the paint-mixing to get such horridness?
Mama and Papa said that Mr. Paint Mixer in the hardware store asked them what colour they wanted. He then mixed a little white and a lot of red and blue. They didn't approve of the colour, stated that it still wasn't near "pink-violet" so Mr. Paint Mixer added more red. Mama suggested why not white to get pink (and I agree to that) but Mr. Paint Mixer refused. He said that it would get uglier. So he continued pouring red into the can of paint until it got full. In the end, it still wasn't "pink-violet" but they just couldn't tell Mr. Paint Mixer, "Thank you, sir, but we won't be buying that colour," could they? So there goes the story of horrid-looking red-violet. :D

Next day was the start of Project Paint Gate's implementation!

We started out in the afternoon by cleaning

then painting the inside part of the gate.

Papa and I finished the first coat before dusk settled and primetime news aired. But Papa was eager to finish the second coat that early evening so I let him. Hehe.

Darkness enveloped the frontyard and I think my parents' minds as well for Mama said it looked beautiful by nighttime (because of the dark) and Papa saw it was a little like his favourite 'pink-orange' (to which I feared he was delusional).

Wednesday morning I woke up with my parents shouting outside. I don't know if they heard me but I told them to stop arguing especially that they're being practically seen and heard not only by the neighbours but also by the tricycle drivers. (I learned that tricycle drivers can be good sources of neighbourly information. One time Let left the house early and even before his BF could knock on the gate, the trike drivers told him that she already got out a few minutes ago. That's how informative and helpful they were.)

Anyway, my parents were arguing on how to go about the painting... on the upper part of the gate's front side. Sorry, but I don't like other people looking at me so I let the two paint in front of our house. I'm shy. ^^ *blushes*

They went back inside by lunchtime, happy with finishing painting the gate. Plus the fact that the colour improved when Papa mixed a little bit of yellow. They recounted the next-door neighbour commenting that the gate was inviting. To what I don't know. :D

Come afternoon again, they resumed their positions outside and painted the surrounding wall with sky blue. I was blogging by the time Papa asked me if I wanted to paint so I declined. Finished with blogging, I got out, documented their paint job (while I was inside), and envied them for handling paint brushes. I asked Papa what else I could paint, thinking of the gate's third coating since it didn't match the front side's colour. He reminded me that I refused a while ago that's why he painted half of the inside wall already. I wasn't satisfied with the little I painted afterwards. Next time I won't prioritize blogging with painting. If that happens again. :(

So that ends Project Paint Gate. The gate's front side has a lighter shade than inside. But the good thing is it's not rusty anymore. :)



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  1. OMG!!! oh wow... i'm gonna help my self and comment on this. That colour is actually called "Pink yet Lavender" - that's Mariah Carey's color, the new theme of her current album "E=MC2" (which i bought btw... hahaha!). Before the release of that album, i never really liked any thing that has pink on it, even just a little pink, or the slightest hint of pink on anything, it's definitely out for me. But just look at me now! Hahaha. I still don't like pink though (i mean the pure pinkkkk), but the "Pink yet Lavender", oh yes!

    So there, i think i'm in luuuv with yer gate, with all that "P.y.L." goin' on... hahahaha! soo nice. ü

    [i am actually sad right now, and seeing this, oh Ner i'll sleep sound tonight!]

  2. wow, never imagined such a reaction. loved that you loved it and made you happier for a moment ^^

    PYL... never knew till now. sorry for being outdated. :D

  3. ang taray..

    ang matibay at nangangalawang na gate na nakita ko sa post mo nung kamakailan lang

    eh ganap ng mukhang bagong gate!

    haha.. love it!

    tama lang yan.. maulan na ulit eh.