Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bum Truth

In a few days, I will be graduating from bumhood. Yes, I might be able to work again but not as a software developer anymore. I think I'm resigning from my IT career. :'(

It's a sad and frightening yet happy and thrilling adventure for me. Sad because I'm leaving something I've been good at (I want to think so). Frightening because I don't know what I'm going to do exactly. Thrilling because of the thought of doing something new. Happy because... well, I'm happy. I've always wanted to do this. To explore what I can do further with my untapped talents. I'm gonna tap them now. Tap tap tap. :D

It's exactly a month since I resigned from ASC. I did resign. (FYI to those who think I just went on an indefinite leave.) Technically speaking, I will be back. But, as I said, not as a dev anymore. And not as a regular employee as you may think.

Some buddies of mine who experienced bumhood said that they realized some truths in life or they changed some aspect of their lives. But I can't say the same thing for me. I think I'm still me; nothing's changed with my philosophy or appearance. I don't know why. Funny (and at the same time worrisome for me) that it's already a month and still I don't feel any urge to work. Funnier (and more worrisome) still that I think I won't feel any urge to work at all even if it spans for a year or more. Perhaps because I can breathe with just blogging.

And so I have to work. Not because I feel the urge to work. (I can still survive for a few weeks and then come poverty line. Hehe.) But because I know I won't feel it. ;)

Perhaps that's my bum truth after all. :D


  1. ai ganun? work na ulit... hmmm, pero dapat blog ka parin ha, ma-mi-miss ko everyday doze of ner! (or every two days, depende kung kelan ka may new post - haha!).

    ako i miss being a super bum. 'lam mo na, yung feeling pensionado (hahaha). minsan gustu ko na ulit i-try. pero syempre, mauubos din ang load sa bulsa kaya kailangan ng pan-load. hay buhay.

  2. oo naman, magba-blog pa rin ako ;)
    pansin mo pala ngayon every two days lang ako nagba-blog haha ^^ nauubusan ako ng sasabihin eh hehe.. (o kaya tinatamad).. di kasi ako masyadong madaldal. wehehe. buti pa nga photoblog ko nakakapag-post ako everyday kasi pics naman un.

    ok na blog title yan ah >> everyday dose of ner :D