Friday, March 28, 2008

Waiting for Ripples

I was late for a meeting.
When I got there, my teammates were nowhere to be found.

Miraculously, no one called or texted to ask where I was.
That boggled me.

Since I didn't know where I should go (that rhymed, eh?) and our office was not yet open because it was still too early... I stayed in front of Makati Stock Exchange (MSE) to while away the time.

Well it seemed normal since a lot of people were there to while away their time too, I guess... smokers, onlookers, readers (with their books,etc.), waiters (people who are waiting for someone) --- and me.

I like MSE's atmosphere.
Makati Stock Exchange milling with people

The huge balls of concrete.
Front part of Makati Stock Exchange

The garden-like structure.
Garden at MSE side

The water lily pond.
Water lilies

And, of course, the fountain... when it's in full swing.
MSE fountains

I just sat there on the cubed concrete, watching the fountain ripple. Ripple, ripple, ripple. Why is it so soothing to look at water ripples?

I remembered reading something that said we are all like ripples in the ocean (or any body of water, I say). Great acts of kindness are like the fountains in MSE's case and these affect their surroundings until everything gets rippled with kindness. Thinking about it now, it can also be said with cruelty. With all that's happening around us, what do we ripple to others?


  1. i once sat in that area and spent time taking pictures. took a lot of shots even when it is not allowed by the guards. when the guard approached me, i already took my last shot of the place. hehehe...

  2. hi Girl! it's been a long time since my last visit here... *hugs*
    catchy word of the day (ripples). I happen to read a few lines in the current book im reading that mentioned... "ripples in the ocean."

    most of the time on my day-off, that is, i wud be one of the "waiters" that u mentioned. hehehehe.

    inspiring post girl.

    unfortunately though, we r not living in a perfect world... i still wish, there is more goodness left in this world. if more people would remember this message from the bible, " dont do unto others what u dun want others to do unto you."

  3. uy ner naman, naiiyak na tuloy ako, hahahaha joke. memories, memories, i used to hang out din dito sa umaga kapag sarado pa ang enterprise. ang madalas ko naman makita ditu eh yung formation ng mga guards sa umaga, at yung mga nag-jo-jogging...