Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Holy Week

Kapampangans' Way of the Cross

Such a scenario is very common at Pampanga. That's why I wasn't able to get closer to the magdarame (Kapampangan term for those who carry crosses or beat their bloody backs for penance). I was ashamed to take pictures of magdarames because I was the only one doing it there.

Magdarame far away
Magdarame in front of a Pabasa

Do you know how the magdarames' backs get bloodied? When they start this ritual they have a common place for getting their backs pierced by a wooden block full of blades. Then they start their procession, hurtling their backs with a rope-like apparatus.

All of these magdarames have assistants with them in their whole journey. When I was at Panipuan last Holy Wednesday, my friend's sister told us that she saw a magdarame running with his cross because it was around 3PM and the sun was scorching hot. He had no sandals on his feet and his assistants were running after him. Hehe.

Puni @ PanipuanI hope next time I get to go on a Good Friday and take pictures (with a real digicam) at Cutud, San Fernando, where the famous crucifixions are. Instead I was at a puni with my long-time friends that Holy Wednesday night. It has been my tradition for an overnight at my friend's house at Panipuan every Holy Week. Perhaps tradition is inherently ingrained in us Kapampangans. Queer as it sounds, Holy Week is like a feast to us.

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