Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let me bleed

taken at Green Valley, Baguio City
let me bleed, let me feel the pain
of you not wanting me again
let me lie to myself that we are meant to be
and that in the end you'll still come back for me


Sometimes I want to tell you all my happiness and sadness but then I cower when I think that you don't care at all.

Sometimes when I cry, it's your shoulder I want to lean on but I know it won't be there.

Sometimes I wish that time was like before when you said t'will be the two of us in the end.

I know... it's too late.


It's been too long since I felt poetic. Yet now that I am, I wish I weren't.


  1. pat on your shoulder
    not sure, but here anyway... seeds for a HAPPY tree (wish to see 'em grow on your next post)

  2. Thanks! I'll be taking care of those seeds. A happy tree... sounds good ^_^