Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Justice delayed is justice denied

More than six years ago, Erap was the president of the Philippines. Fast forward to tonight, the eve for the verdict on his plunder case.

Notwithstanding if I believe that he's guilty or not (which I believe that most government officials are corrupt), I think the whole trial period was unfair given that it took six years for this verdict to happen. If he's found innocent, he wasted six years of his life, effort and money trying to convince us that he really is innocent. Nevertheless, if he's found guilty, it was better if he'd served those 6 years in prison already and just counting more years if ever he could still get out.

Why did it take six years for the prosecution to take place?
Given that the process is painstaking, wasn't the six years too long?
Does that mean that if we have other government officials in the stand, it will take the same period to seek justice?
Or is it just in this case?
Or worse, is our judiciary process that prolonged?

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