Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chenalyn Mercado

As of this writing, I'm deleting most of Chen's blog. (I can't find the delete account, that's why I said most.)

The blog was mostly about Chen's (mis)adventures especially in conversations. It started out as a list of comical statements (example: magpa-henna sa kilikili) in my OneNote. Then one day I thought: why not blog it?

However last July, the fun blog I was writing in came to a conclusion due to evil perpetrators.

July 13th, 2007

Matagal na 'kong di nagba-blog dito ukol sa mga misadventures ni Chen. Gusto kong magpasalamat sa mga tumangkilik at natuwa sa project na ito. Ngunit lahat ng skits ay may ending, kaya winawakasan ko na ang palabas na ito. Bakit ka'nyo? Nauwi sa kasamaan ang blog na ito nang dahil sa isang naligaw na baboy. Bow. XD

Chen's Manager

Therefore, I am formally closing that blog (once I find that delete button). I wanna thank all those who laughed with us through the posts.

Kiko says:
Hey princess, just dropping by. Kewl entries!
2007/04/19 @ 09:47 AM

Mithi says:
Your entries are amusing, thanks for the comment :)
2007/02/17 @ 02:27 AM

riaclarisse says:
aus dito. saya. :p happy valentines!
2007/02/13 @ 06:42 PM

manwhore says:
funny stuff. I wonder if she's doing it on purpose. He he he. Passed by.
2007/02/13 @ 12:24 PM

HalfLife says:
nice nice.haha
2006/12/08 @ 02:59 PM

thewriter says:

jhazZ says:
ei there!!i think you're site's so bright and so uplifting.I mean,compared to mine...this ones kinda fresh and lively...;)please tag me and tell me if it' ok to link you..thnx:)
2006/07/24 @ 03:17 PM
But most especially I wanna thank the bida, Chen, who stays a sport and still accepts me as her friend.

So here are a few of my favorite Chen antics captured in their original form. (For the last time: Sorry for the pics, Chen. Hehe.)

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