Monday, September 24, 2007

The 2-Year-Old Blogger

I celebrated my second year of blogging last September 22 without me knowing it transpired already. My, my. I thought I'd be able to post on the same day that I first spoke up in the blogosphere. I came a little late.

I first blogged at Friendster when I had no knowledge whatsoever of blogging. Browsing through my first blog posts there, which didn't constitute much sense (hehe), my very first post was a "review" of The Alchemist. To quote myself:

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo
I was expecting a better plot for this inspirational. I agree with my officemate, "The Little Prince" still is better. I guess the exact poeticism wasn't interpreted through since this is originally Portuguese. Sayang, I bought it pa naman. Oh, well...

Darn, now I feel that I should have made my first post more dramatic than raving negatively on The Alchemist, don't you think? But that's life.

I never thought that I'd last this long blasting my thoughts to nothing in particular. Hopefully, I'll be a successful blogger someday. (There goes my dreams swishing by.)

Happy second birthday to me! ^_^

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