Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Amazing Gust of Wind

Last Thursday evening, Nhut and I had our usual debate in the apartment. The night (and a block of Sans Rival each) had us intoxicated with a whirlwind of ideas. (The Sans Rival is another story for that matter.)

So going back to that night, our debate went on to a higher level until we got to our life purpose and spirituality. We both have different plans in our lives. Different dreams. Different perspectives. Different thoughts on life fulfillment. We even have different ways of communicating and relating with God.

But after the long discussion, we finally agreed on one end purpose: to be with God. I can't even find the right words to describe it up to this day but we understood each other perfectly. Perhaps my closest definition is: Siya ang aming kasiyahan at hangad namin ang mapasaya Siya. (Our happiness is in God and we aspire to make Him happy.) But that's not just the whole of it. Ugh, so difficult to enunciate.

Until I read this from the Bible and shared it with Nhut:

Psalm 42, 2
As the deer longs for streams of water, so my soul longs for You, o God.

So true. We absolutely understand and agree with the text.

Afterwards, we finally set down to sleep. I thanked God for the wonderful overwhelming combination of love, joy and enlightenment.

A few minutes later, a strong gust of wind toppled the pillow on my feet and I was awakened. I saw Nhut on her feet also, asking me if I felt that, too. Her sheets were overturned by the wind, which came from nowhere. She turned on the lights and looked outside, noticed that no breeze was passing by. There were no movement of trees or cables by the wind. Where did the wind come from then?

To tell you how amazing what happened, there was no sure way that the wind can topple my pillow because it was positioned at the left side of the open window, not directly. What I felt was a swift twisting swooping action on my pillow, covering my right foot. Meanwhile, Nhut's airbed is only inches above the ground. Even if there was a wind coming through the window, her blanket would only be dissheveled, not her bedsheets which were carefully tucked in. However, the sheets did overturn upwards --- meaning the wind was beneath it --- and covered her right foot also. Weird, right?

Now tell me, what really did happen? I don't know and I'm not actually expecting to know. But Nhut and I are thanking God for the joyous experience. (Though I was a little frightened at first and even told God not to scare us. Hehe.) God bless! ;)

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