Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I don't like buses playing horror flicks

Twice (as I recall) that I encountered a gruesome movie played in the provincial buses I have boarded --- last Friday and this morning. So incidental.

Last Friday, as I took my seat in the ordinary bus I hailed, I felt queasy when I looked at the TV which had a torture scene playing. I don't know the movie, just that it starred Mark Wahlberg. At first, I thought it was Hostel due to the torture scene but thank God it wasn't. I'm not into horror flicks... obviously.

This morning, I was breezing by as I boarded an air-conditioned bus, flopped in the seat and settled. Yet the familiar town in House of Wax greeted me from its TV. Argh! I'm so near the TV, only two seats away. I was thinking of leaving the bus and boarding another but I said to myself: You could do this, girl. Everything's alright.

My eyes kept wandering so I would not see the fatalistic scenes (esp. the opening of the girl's pasted mouth and the clipping of her finger). Fortunately I've watched the movie before (because I was bored that time and it wasn't as grisly as the others), so I knew when to dart off my eyes so I won't see the killings and stuff. Yet I still felt queasy. Lucky me.

Hanging question:
Not minding my own queasiness, is it okay to show these kind of films in public vehicles where there can be children watching?

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