Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Doing Away with Idleness

I've come upon idle time for a few days now due to a non-existent LAN here in our new area at GT. So what to do while waiting for time to pass by?

Usual thinking would surmise gaming, chatting or viewing of streamed videos. Procrastination has been my element and this idleness isn't new to me, but after 23 years of near-expertise on laziness, you just want to come out of it. (Unless you think you're nothing more than a couch potato. Ouch.)

So I rummaged through my favorite links list to find something informative in the net and found It has numerous articles on personality development and more than a few piqued my interest. Good stuff thanks to Kiko, which happened to have left the site on my browser when he "borrowed" my PC at that time.

So there, I said to myself to continue reading on personality development. (Plus the fact that I've added it on my written short-term goals. Something I took from Bo.) Then I remembered that Sir June, one of my bosses, sent us a link on The Working Manager and I searched through it on my mail. I was surprised that the site changed (but I shouldn't be since approximately two years had passed since I received that link) and the then free courses are now to be paid. Thank God for the two-week trial and I'm now copying my way through the articles. :D

Moreover, I stumbled on Swanson's Unwritten Rules of Management in my book collection last weekend. It's not actually a hardbound/paperback book but kind of a booklet with practical advice on management. Sir June was the one who recommended it also and sent us a link on a free copy of it two years ago. I can't give you the link now because it was removed from the site. Sorry but, hey, I found Mike Duffy listing some of these rules to help. :) Perhaps I could blog on that next time. ^_^

So, till then, hope you try out those links I got not just on your idle time.

Remember, learning is a lifetime process. :)


  1. Nax, Steve Pavlina reader na siyaaaa.

    There's a crapload of things to do when you think you're idle- really, you just have to do something to get your creative juices flowing.

  2. I agree ^_^

    Yup, tagal na rin kasi matagal na yun since you left open in my browser. :D