Thursday, May 3, 2007

Random Spiderman 3 Raves

Watched Spiderman 3 on its premiere last Labor Day. Yep, I went through a long line (well, not so long actually) to view and review Spiderman's third installment. I've watched it before US does! Hahaha.

Fortunately, all six cinemas of SM Clark featured the film and there was no stampede, aisle seatings or standing rooms I saw there. (As if I went to all cinemas. Har har.)

Read succeeding comments at your risk.
If you don't want li'l spoilers...


Tobey Maguire got stouter, which doesn't fit the superhero image.
I think he's much more handsome in the previous Spiderman movies.
He should have gone into a diet prior doing the film!

Toby's attempt at being a bad boy wasn't successful,
perhaps because of his schoolboy image.
However his act did achieve the response
of making you despise Spiderman's alter ego.
Especially his dirty dance. To think, he's not much of a dancer.
It was comical to say the least.


But I do like what they did to Spiderman's character...
Bringing out his darker, arrogant side.
(BTW, I love the new suit.)
It's just a reflection of everyone having that bad side, even the good guys.
We just have to tame that ugly part of ourselves, of course.


The greatest battle lies within.

That says it all.
So true.

That's why I wanted to watch the film on big screen.
Because of that conflict within... and the suit, of course. :D

I was delighted to see Venom (the "monster", not Brock) come out of the plot.
I just love his insanity.
Nevertheless, he didn't get much limelight
because of the number of villains.
I've read from other reviews that too many villains could destroy a story. Perhaps.

Sandman's dramatic scenes were heart-pinching.
Spiderman movies always make endearing stories behind their villains. Even bad guys have hearts.


I appreciate Aunt May's wisdom here.

"You start by doing the hardest thing --- you forgive yourself."


Last but not the least...

Harry Osborn (James Franco) is so cute!!!!
*Sigh, sigh, sigh*

Let's post his pic here:
Haven't found any picture of him from the movie which shows his crinkly smiling eyes when he had his temporary amnesia.
I just love seeing him smile.
*Sigh, sigh, sigh again*
Overall, I liked the film... obviously.
In spite of reviews stating the opposite,
I say that Spiderman 3 is the best among the trilogy.
Because of the drama, the conflict, the characters.
Despite the inconsistency on the Goblin's explosives on Harry and Venom.
Despite Tobey's lame dancing.
Not to mention Harry's cuteness.

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