Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Life is an Art

Life is an Art

Jonat placed a comment on my Friendster profile recently stating:

If literature is an art then Ner is an artist.
Well that sounded nice but after some thought this morning, I found some logic to connect it with. From my English III in high school, I learned that literature is life. Therefore if life is literature and literature is an art, then life is an art. Hehehe.

But this discovery isn't new to us exactly. Why not? Since we really paint the colors in our lives. We have the say on how it will affect and effect. God has given us the vast range of colors and we shouldn't just waste the easel using only the greys and blacks. :)

8 Secrets of the Truly Rich

At long last I've squished my budget to fish out the Php 350 to buy Bo's newest book, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich. I really recommend this book especially for the common tao who don't think they could go beyond their means of survival.

It's just like Bo to bog down the notorious beliefs on money, similar with how he did it on love in his book How to Find Your One True Love. His books always enlighten not just the mind, but the spirit. A holistic approach, comprehensive and light --- a definite good read.

Some of the pointers I got:

  • A definite goal. Yes, I do have goals but they're not too detailed, not really precise. The mind needs to focus in order to achieve.
  • Bless the world. When I wake up, I do thank the Lord for another wonderful day but I picked up another good habit from Bo by asking myself next how to bless the world.
  • Passive income like mutual funds. The magic of compounded interest. We need to work it for us.
  • Maximizing our psychological wallet. We can earn more than we think we can. We only limit ourselves. This can be related to my recent thinking of boxing ourselves. Again: DON'T.

Here are online excerpts from the book's Cover and Preface, Dedication and Foreword, and Introduction.

All About Love

Watched a movie last night at the apartment: All About Love. Yup, the Pinoy 3-part flick starring the couples Bea-John Lloyd, Anne-Luis and Angelica-Jason.

The stories were good however not much done in justice due to the short duration of each sub-plot. Perhaps a little more minutes wouldn't do much damage.

Angelica-Jason's drama was quite exaggerated given the conflict of the video scandal. There were also scenes that needn't be included and scenes that weren't developed to fully grasp the characters' situations.

Anne-Luis' romantic comedy had its turn of laughs despite some of Luis' awkward acting and Anne's slip on her "unsophistication." I liked their quirkiness and wanted more wacky minutes here.

Bea-John Lloyd's story had the most substance (expectedly). They also had the best lines (and the best performance since they had the dramatic climax) in the whole film. I liked this particularly:

You have to have a hold of pain for you to let it go.

GTG. Sorry for the hang-up. Till next time.


  1. "At long last I've squished my budget to fish out the Php 350 to buy Bo's newest book, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich."

    --> You SQUISHED your budget to fish out P 350? Then you're talking about generating passive income? hehehe

    You already know where this is leading. As a matter of fact you already know what to do. (and guess what, all you need is confidence in "implementation") ^_o

    [I'll keep pushing =D]

  2. Sa bagay di ko kasi na-mention why I squished it out. :D

    I was saving up for my sister's enrollment. Dami gastos ;)