Wednesday, November 29, 2006

morning thanksgiving

Lord, may I not wander away from You through the constant toilings of the day. May I always see You in the vastness of creation and the mundane simplicity of work. May I always remember that without You I would be nothing; that I do not own my possessions, family and friends, but that they are all just gifts from You that I should cherish and take care of. May I not shoulder the triumphs and failures that come my way; and may I see them as Your guide to the path I should take.

Thank You, Lord, for who I am... for who I got... for what I've become and will become. Thanks for always being there even when I take You for granted. May I not do that to You in my future endeavors.

Thanks for the beauty of the day... of the world. May I eternally see good in things more than the bad.

I love You, Lord. It may not suffice. But let me love You in my own ways and may You strengthen this love so I could serve You more.

Thanks for loving me... throughout.


***Wrote this prayer last 10.25.2006***

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