Sunday, September 10, 2006

my head aches for home

well here i am at netopia. yeah, why not blog at the office? actually i've left the office na nga (it's a sunday i know) because i was the only one there and i gave up on my deployment dilemma.

i just fished for my groceries and used EPS for the transaction but there was a "misconnection error" daw. good thing i had cash with me. problem was i didn't know my previous balance so di ko lam kung nabawasan na ba yung sa ATM ko. so i was checking on my account balance online but i guess misfortune just suits me today, i forgot my password, thus disabling my account! to think i'm a software developer and i forgot the three-consecutive-entries rule on passwords. aarrgghh!

so you see, i'm just whiling away my time. kasi nakakahiya namang magbayad lang ako nang less than 3 pesos because i didn't get the chance to check on my account. so there, i'll go na. have to meet jopay at powerbooks (lifesaver!). ciao! :D

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