Tuesday, May 30, 2006

of funerals and weddings

last sunday, my aunt died at 5 o' clock in the morning.

my uncle (her brother) was tending her while she was sick. he said he just took a pee and when he came back, my aunt was not breathing then. it wasn't a great loss, as if i was devastated. my aunt had neurosis and didn't interact with people normally... causing a distant relationship with most of the kin with her. i could liken her death with a fleeting butterfly that passed by the flowers, doing her share of work, not more.

we didn't know the exact cause of her death. she didn't complain of any illness despite the growing lump in her throat, which bled a few days before she died. however she didn't eat much, if she even ate at all. it was coming to her yet the thought of someone i once used to see in my childhood, laying now in the coffin makes me kinda sad. yet i know it's better for her, to not feel pain anymore, to be with the Father.


last sunday, i attended pepe's brother's wedding. the ceremonies started at 5 o' clock in the afternoon.

i and tetay had no gift yet we went to the church and even at the reception. it was just pepe's mother's invitation which kept gnawing at me to come to the event.
in her own words (in kapampangan): "ena kayu magregalu. basta atyu kayu, makuswelu na kami."
[translation: "don't bring gifts anymore. as long as you come, we're happy already."]

i was touched by her words and i felt like her child, too, that's why i felt i should come to the wedding. so i dragged tetay along. to sum it up, pepe really was happy to see us in the church.

we didn't have the chance to greet the newly-weds. we were so ashamed of ourselves with no gift.


it's eerie if you notice the time of the said events. coincidence, ei? as i told my friend, life just continued its cycle... of life, love and death...

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