Thursday, March 9, 2006


obviously, i'm sleepy... it's not just because of afternoon naps calling me but i guess the situation of having nothing else to do but read technical stuff. to be honest, i'm reviewing for an examination... i don't know if i should go on reviewing or go on with my work instead or just go on browsing the net (i don't wanna be so lazy... so i'm thinking of the former two after this blog entry). this is just a perk-me-upper... and i think it's working...

even in college, i was not into reading techie books... with all the pages pouring over, i can't take it. but now, i have to read msdn! ah, what has the world gone into for me?! *smirk* yup, i've taken computer science and now i'm a software developer for a full year and a half but i really don't like reading voluminous books of tech stuff! i'm a self-confessed poet... so literature runs through my veins exactly... i can read a whole novel of stephen king or danielle steele or any book with the same number of pages in just one day... but a single page of a computer book really tires me. so this is really a challenging feat for me, i tell you...

God must be laughing at me now. *smile* just hope there's something good with what i'm doing and i pray for more perseverance. :D

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