Thursday, March 16, 2006

1 year, 8 months, 15 days

... that's the totality of my work experience...

it's almost 2 years since i graduated from college and i can say i've been through a lot... as in a lot... and the changes in me seem endless... har har har... di naman siguro. *wink*

my first job changed me a lot... to worse?! *smirk* but even though it challenged me all throughout - physically, emotionally and financially... it made me a better (or worse) person. it hardened my resolve on priorities. it toughened my overstaying ability at work (wehehe). it made me responsible on things that i didn't want to be responsible for (since i didn't do it!) and made me accountable for things i have said and done.

now... in my current job... i could say i'm happy and contented (but a wee bit of increase won't hurt *wink wink* *hands folded in prayer* ). especially with my teammates and boss... who could ask for more? it's as if i'm just with a couple of friends crafting their hobby... software development in this case.

back to work! ^_^

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