Friday, March 25, 2016

The Fault in Our Stars

So obviously I just watched the above-mentioned movie this afternoon and it made me thinking... which I haven’t done for so long hehe. Not thinking per se, but thinking as in wondering thinking.

I realized instead of writing a review, which is very normal nowadays, why don’t I write about thoughts instead. Thoughts or questions that were ignited by watching movies, or listening to music, or just about anything. Maybe that’s different. Maybe that’s missing from this new generation.

So I asked a friend... Would you still date a dying person? Would you start something that you definitely know how it’s going to end? And end soon.

Probably if I’m not the dying person, I will be like Hazel Grace – wary, cautious, let’s just be friends type. And when the inevitable falling in love happens, then that’s the only time I’d go for it.

Yet if I’m the one dying... on second thought... I’d go all out. I’d pour my feelings out. I’d do the things that I want to do without question, without fear. Indeed death changes everything. Maybe we need to realize death in order to live. Don’t you agree?

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