Sunday, July 5, 2009

Addicted to Facebook

I had a Facebook account even before the craze (and advertising) but I wasn't using it often just like my Friendster account because I got bored with all the social networking sites' activities.

But when my friend asked me to accept his invite for Mafia Wars, that was the start of my addiction. Facebook really has the UI, games, interaction that most people will get hook into. It even made me stop blogging, ei? Hehehe. (Plus the fact that I don't have the free access to blog anymore because of work.)

What games do you play in FB? I do Mafia Wars, then Pet Society and Farm Town on the side. I also recently found Bloodlines good though my first love would still be MW. :D


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  1. hi sis! musta n? long tym ah...

    ako din adik s fb,restaurant city

    hehehe try it!

  2. Hi :D Oh, many of my officemates are addicted to Typing Addict, Resto City and Bejeweled! :D Haha..

    Facebook is crazy, but I love checking for updates! :D Cheers.