Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do You Feel That You've Changed for the Better?

Four days ago around four in the morning, I tapped away these thoughts while wanting to sleep more. I don't talk about myself much here, I think, so indulge me.



want to find the balance between subjectivity and objectivity. When you're too subjective, you can't hear; when you're too objective, you can't feel.

don't break the rules. I follow then play along and from there, make my own.

am not an atheist but don't put too much faith on religion. Better to have faith in God, myself and my fellowman.

Am in love with words - the delectable picking of the right one to use in a phrase, a sentence, a paragraph (a stanza, i miss my poetry); the sweet melding of thought into substance; the mere greatness of expression.

stopped looking for answers to everything. It's easier to ask than to accept. But then sometimes you need to ask in order to understand then to accept. But not all the time.


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