Friday, January 23, 2009

What Networking Sites Do You Like and Actually Use?

There's Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, Multiply, Orkut, Yahoo 360... and so many more to get the list going and going and going. (It's like the Energizer bunny. Teehee.) And now I just registered in a new networking site regarding sharing of stuff, named Acobay.

Well, I'm not totally into these SNS (social networking site) types that much, especially there's something new sprouting almost everyday and you drag all your contacts from your former SNS account to your new SNS account. And not that you delete your former accounts, you then tend to maintain both accounts and another and another and another. (The Energizer bunny is going at it still.) You have to update your status or shout-out and upload pictures and other what-nots. It's getting stressful! Haha. Or am I just anti-social? :D

Are you a network social buff or are you stressed as I am with lots of stuff going on SNS?

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  1. me too i'm not a big fan

    it was exciting at first, but now what the heck... hehe

    i like facebook though

  2. yup facebook is better than friendster. kaso kakapagod mag-update talaga. nauna kasi friendster. ngayon wala na ko ginagamit haha