Sunday, January 4, 2009

Filipino Firsts: SpongeCola's Latest Album in MP3/MP4 Format

Surprisingly, SpongeCola released its latest self-titled album in digital format. And that's the first of its kind in the Filipino music industry. :)

They have 46 songs in MP3 format and 10 music videos in MP4. (Because I was not taking down notes on the ASAP segment, please correct me if I'm wrong with the numbers.)

I thought they were selling the songs/videos online because it's digital but hey, they're selling MP3/MP4 players with the songs! (And earphones and charger to boot. Hehe.) Anyway, as Yael put it, these are good gifts in case you still have to buy presents for your loved ones for the recent holiday season.

Here's Di Na Mababawi, the band's latest single, which is also included in their self-titled album. Something dramatic from the rock band.

Di Na Mababawi - Sponge Cola

Update: The album with the MP3/MP4 player costs Php 1,000.00. Saw this on an Odyssey stall at SM Megamall, but more surprisingly for me is that Regine Velasquez has an album with this kind of gimmick as well, costing Php 1,800.00. Perhaps we'll see more of this digital album stuff with other artists?

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  1. dapat meron na rin tayong pinoy version ng itunes!

    kaso mukang di pa siya feasible dito sa pilipinas

  2. yeah, i agree :) a lot isn't feasible here e ehe

  3. Hi Neri!

    Saw it too on TV, any idea on the price? I guess they followed "if you can't beat em join em". =)

    Rock On!

  4. Hi Irwin!

    Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I don't know the pricing. Last time I checked on the net, there's no press release online :(