Thursday, January 15, 2009

COOL Telekinetic Action Scene from Push (video)

There are no words to describe what you are about to see. (Well, except telekinesis and clairvoyance. Hehe.)

So just watch. :D

Cool, huh? Way too cool! This is like a new Matrix in the making (with Matrix' groundbreaking bullet-ducking) if most of the movie scenes are like this.

Push, starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning, will open in Feb 6. (Dunno if also here in the Phils. Well, hopefully. *cross fingers*)

This will definitely be included in my to-watch list, which I have to write down because the list is getting longer than expected. :D


I had a childhood penchant for telekinesis.
Are you telekinetic, clairvoyant perhaps? :D

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