Friday, December 19, 2008

Tidbits 1.0

  • Starting bulleted tidbit posts in my blog to compensate for laconic moments. Can't use Twitter for this because my Twitter account is now used primarily for sharing info on the web.
  • Finished Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None adventure game. The ending wasn't as exciting as when I started playing it. Some items were left hanging. Reading the book is better.
  • Downloading the infamous Monkey Island (Lucas Arts). Missing DOS adventure games. My brain might be itching for puzzles instead of troublesome problems at work.
  • Reading Martha Grimes' The Horse You Came In On. Nice literary appeal.
  • Thinking of buying a red Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS5 on sale to complement my Canon Powershot S5 IS.
  • Christmas perks of being a teacher (or having a teacher in the home) who works in an exclusive school: lots of brownies and gifts. Got a fab Coach wallet by chance. Woohoo.
  • Wondering why friends are affected over rumors on Marian Rivera's pregnancy.
  • Still can't feel Christmas around the corner. Pinch me. Better yet, grant my wishes.
  • Thinking if there will be a Tidbits 2.0.

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