Friday, December 5, 2008

A Look at a Ninja's Refrigerator

This is a good way of stabbing... your refrigerator. ;)

Those are shuriken magnets and I just think they're lovely. ^^ (Though lovely can be a weird way of describing something deadly and lethal, don't you think? :D)

For those not in the know (like me a while ago), shuriken literally means "sword hidden in the hand" and is a traditional Japanese weapon used by ninjas. (Thanks, Wikipedia! Hehe.) Well, if you've had your share of ninja films and cartoons, you'd know that just by looking at those magnets above. ;)

If you want to stab at your ref, go ahead and click the link provided above. :)


  1. hihi, cute no? you can order thru the link if you want :)