Friday, November 7, 2008

Update on my Danvil Cancellation

* 01/24/09 - Seems a lot of people are still cancelling their Danvil plans due to the traffic I get for that keyword. If you got here because of this post, I hope you get your money back. If you've already exceeded 24 hours since you got your plan, please check the bottom of this post for related links. Godspeed.

04/06/09 - Here are videos from the Probe's feature on Danvil. Thanks to Attila for sharing! :)*

Thank God, the cancellation process was successful and I got my refund! ^^

I regularly check my credit card transactions online and lo and behold, the refund was credited to my CC the following cut-off. I'm really grateful that I didn't encounter problems with this cancellation compared to others I've read online. The steps I took were:

1. I went back to the branch where I took the plan within 24 hours and surrendered my policy. I got the plan on October 11, a Saturday evening, and went back there on October 12, Sunday afternoon.

2. I gave a cancellation letter stating my purpose and reasons for cancellation. One has to be firm and decided so they won't keep on insisting you to keep the plan. Make sure that you make them sign your copy of the cancellation letter as proof that they received it.

3. I also invited some friends to accompany me even to the office in case they'll bully me. I read a planholder's experience being bullied when she was alone in pursuing her plan's cancellation.

4. I constantly followed up on them through phone afterwards. (I asked for their local number.) They employed some delaying tactics that a friend, whom I recently knew was previously employed to Berkley (former name of Danvil aside from Family Trust), affirmed this dirty strategy of the company. Be persistent.

5. Once I got my Danvil Plans Statement of Account (SOA) stating that my plan was cancelled upon inception, I regularly checked on my credit card account online. Having an online statement of your CC is very helpful in monitoring your refund.

I made them fax my SOA immediately when they received it from the main office last October 15. I followed up on them through phone again for my credit memo but they said that it was already a bank-to-bank procedure and I have to wait for 30-45 days for the chargeback. Thinking this over, I stopped calling them because I think they really won't know the exact date I will be refunded. The refund was posted on my CC last October 30, exactly 15 days (2 weeks) after my plan was cancelled in the main office.

As I've said, I'm really thankful that the process wasn't very difficult for me though I was really worried and anticipated the worst based on what I've read of other's experiences online. Next time I'll follow my instincts or to make it simpler, I just won't trust anybody who'll pressure me to make a decision, especially a financial one, on the spot.

Good luck to those who are in the process of cancelling their Danvil Plans. Actually, Danvil is a legitimate company, it's really not a scam. However, as many say, their sales strategy needs a lot of refining. I have a lot to say regarding loopholes but I'm just happy that I got my refund so that's that for now. ;)

For those who haven’t been able to cancel the policy within 24 hours, you need to file a letter of complaint to the SEC, making sure that you indicate in your letter how Family First/Philippine Prudential Life’s marketing tactics have violated the Consumer Act of the Philippines. You can also read through the comments on Bob’s blog entry or Noemi’s blog entry about the same topic for more information.

Source: Danvil/Philippine Prudential Life Updates and Helpful Tips


To those who have successfully cancelled their Danvil plans, it would be greatly appreciated if you share your stories to help others in the process. :)

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  1. May I ask how do you start commencing your cancellation and a guarantee on how to refund your money? I want my money back. Desperately need your advice.

  2. Hi Nel,

    You just go back to where you got the plan and file your cancellation letter there. Bring along your policy papers because you have to surrender it. (Note: Photocopy these papers and your cancellation letter so you still have proof even if you give the original ones to them, in case something happens.)

    If you do this within 24 hours, they have no excuse not to refund your money. Even so after 24 hours, I've read that there are still clients who get their refund. You CAN get your money back. Just be decisive and don't let them bully you.

    Hope everything turns out fine and you get your money back. I hope I've answered your question. God bless. :)

  3. How about if you are in the province? is there any way to cancel my plan?

  4. Hi Arvin, I'm from the province too (here in Pampanga) when I cancelled my plan. I got my plan from SM Pampanga as well so I had to go back there to file my cancellation.

    Where are you from btw? You just need to go back to the branch where you got your plan. Hope you get your money back. :)

  5. hi neri,

    this is jhen, and i just want to seek ur help.. i'm also from pampanga. i got this plan in May 2008. i really want to cancel it but i don't know how since i am here in dubai and hnd nmn ako madalas umuwi.. i really want to cancel the policy, and hoping to get a refund khit hnd n ung buong nabayad ko na..

    Can you please advise me what to do? Thanks for ur help... I will really appreciate it...

    Hoping to receive feedback from you...

  6. Hi Jhen,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I'm not sure if you can still refund your policy because it's almost a year already. Perhaps you need to make an authorization letter to authorize somebody to cancel your policy on your behalf.

    I will update this post regarding cancellations outside 24 hours, but you can check it here also:

    Hope you can still get your money back. God bless.

  7. Thanks Neri,

    I really appreciate the help.. I'll keep visiting ur site every now and then.. And also if u know somebody who can help me with this, please feel free to reach me thru my email,

    Thanks again and GOD Bless,,

  8. Hi there,

    Can someone please help me on how I can cancel my policy. I joined back on 2006 and I'm here in Australia. What can I do? Please help!
    My email is

  9. hi neri, may i know how much were you able to refund? like jhenie, i was formerly in dubai and i was reassigned in qatar. after reading all this things i am mad at myself and gusto ko iuntog ulo ko, well andyan na yan. my brother is telling me na 30% lang ang ma rerefund. anyway i also am from pampanga and yes i got my plan or should i say i was victimized in SM pampanga as well last january 23. Will it be wise kung i close ko na credit card ko from dubai para hindi na sila maka pag charge this march? hope you can help. Thanks!

    were you able to get a refund?

  10. Hi Jason, I got a 100% refund because it only took me within 24 hours to cancel my plan. I don't know how much you can get if you had the plan for months/years. At least you have your brother to help you. Siguro nga you can close your CC na rin para di na sila makakuha pa.

    Sige I'll try to search for other OFW stories on Danvil in the weekend. I'll update this post once I get something. Hope you guys can get your refund kahit nasa abroad. Let's keep our fingers crossed hehe. :)

  11. Hi neri,
    Im Clara, im here in cebu, I was there in Manila last 2004 and unfortunately, nakuha ako ng plan sa Family first, now Danvil...i cancelled my card, last Nov, 2008 para ma stop rin ang debiting ng Danvil sa akin.
    I really dont know how I can take the refund of this hard earned money that I have contributed? Please help me? May chance pa kaya ako? years na kasi akong nagcontribute?
    Thanks a lot.

  12. Hi all, Policy Holder ako ng danvil with Endowment plan. I need to cancel my contract due to some financial problem. I have signed the contract last March 15, 2009(Sunday) and requested the account to be canceled last March 17, 2009(Tuesday), nd ko na cancel pag monday kz close ung office nila. Alam ko for every contract, there is always a catch or something that will try to prevent you from canceling it. Pero nung ni review ko ung contract, wala akong nakita na may minimum contract term nakasulat. Nd ko ma cancel ang contract ko dahil ang sabi nila may minimum contract daw ako which is 1 year.

    Verify ko lng sa nyo if alam nyo ba na may minimum contract term or cnabihan ba kayo regarding minimum contract term before signing the contract?

    And if meron kayong ma advise regarding how to cancel my account immediately na maisauli ung initial deposit ko (24,000), please send me an email.. Maraming salamat po.

  13. Hi clara, i'm not sure if you can still refund since your plan is active since 2004. I think refunds, in whatever insurance/preneed company, can only be availed at the start of the agreed period.

    Hi attila, as i've told you thru email, just be decisive and persistent to stop them from using those kinds of delaying tactics. And even if they said they don't have work on Monday, i didn't believe them and still called on a Monday. Good thing i did that bec someone answered the phone and i was able to follow up on my cancellation.

    Good luck to everyone! God bless.

  14. Hi Neri,

    Thank you very much for your time. With the help of your advise, I was able to cancel my contract. I have now the Statement of Account (SOA) stating that my plan was cancelled upon inception. I will also be 'constantly' updating my bank account for the refund as mentioned in your site.

    My supposedly fun day at the mall turned into an unforgettable nightmare !!

    Again, thank you.

    You have a great site Neri!! This has been my life saver!!

  15. And by the way, I have found this video on youtube regarding Danvil plans and I would like to share it to you.

    Probe features Danvil Plans (formerly Family Plans and soon to be Legacy Consolidated) Part 1

    Probe features Danvil Plans (formerly Family Plans and soon to be Legacy Consolidated) Part 2

    If this has been posted already, please remove this post.

  16. I’m planning to cancel my policy this weekend, and yes, you can get it canceled even it is more than 24 hrs but not more than a month i guess.

    After I get my money back I will use it to take these bastards down, not the company but those involved in setting me up

    They just messed the wrong guy. Sorry for them

    Number of targets 3 agent.

    I just knock down 1 of them, 2 more to go.
    Need to make plans something that will make them suffer and will regret for what they did. :D

    This is dedicated for those victims out there.

  17. Hi neri
    Im clara again, what will be the best move that i will take now that lesser is the possibility that my contribution will be refunded? Please help me...will i continue it? or what. Im really doubtful about this pursuing it coz of their style.
    their website cannot be open now, their hotline, nobody will answer. May I ask some of the telephone numbers, wherein somebody will answer?
    Thanks a lot mam!

  18. Hi again, Clara.
    If you have any doubts or hesitations with the plan, I think you should drop it. Even if you can't get a refund for your previous money, at least you can stop worrying and start using your hard-earned money for something else. Just to remind you that Danvil isn't a scam but a legitimate pre-need company; it's just that their marketing strategies aren't "friendly" that's why most people tend to cancel. If you really like to have an insurance policy, go to an insurance agent instead. Hope everything works out well. :)

    Hi attila, glad you got your refund and thanks for the links. :) I'll put those vids here in the weekend.

    And to those Danvil agents, beware of Anonymous. ^^

  19. Oh and regarding the contact numbers, Clara, I don't have my copy right now but I only called the local branch where I got my plan and it was in Pampanga. You can check the blog links above, perhaps they know the Manila contact numbers. I'll check over the weekend and see if I can post some contact numbers for reference, too. :)

  20. hi attila, can you give me some advice kung pano mo pina cancel yung contract mo with danvil? last March 15, 2009 lng din akong sign up then nung march 17 bumalik ako pero sbi hndi n nga dw pwede i-cancel. So sabi ko yung auto debit n lng sa credit card ang icancel nila pero ayaw din nila tanggapin yung letter ko kasi may cut-off daw sila. Pero gusto ko n talaga ipa-cancel yung contract at kunin yung dinebit nila s credit card ko. pano b gagawin ko? pls send me an email at thanks!

  21. Hello! salamat mga coments nyo sa mga blogs na nabasa ko, ang iba ay naka tulong ang iba nmn ay nag bigay pa sa akin ng takot. tulad ng after 24hrs dapat sa SEC kana pupunta, ndi totoo un, sa DANVIL ka pa din pupunta… pero salamat talag sa lahat!! , ang DANVIL PPL ay legal na companya kaya dmo madedemanda, ang illegal dun ung marketing startegy nila. kumuha ako ng plan last march 25, tapos pagka uwi ko, nag punta kmi ng province tapos dun ako nag search s net kc curious ako s company., nalaman ko na bogus pala ito at scam, so, wala n kc ako s manila eh, nag punta ako ng probinsya, pag balik ko kahapon, buti napa cancel ko pa sya, kc hindi totoo na 24hrs lng, pde mo ipacancel hanngang 30days pde mo pa I pa cancel., dpat firm ka sa decision mo at magsama ka ng kasam, dapat din itwag mo s bank mo para ma block n ang card mo at magawan mo ng dispiute, ang gnwa nila, ni receive ang cancelation letter ko, tapos, binura n nila s sytem n active ang account ko, ang naka lagay na ngaun CANCELED FROM INCEPTION, kaya irerefund daw s credit card ko within 30days, buti nlng nagwa ko kaagad na pumunta dun, ayaw kc nila na mag wawala ka don, kc mas madami pang mwawala s knila, ang hindi lng talaga maganda s company any ang mrketing strategies nila at kapag kukuha kna ng pera mo , wala kna makukuha kya nag wawala ang ibng mga tao doon! tandaan nyo, ang change of mind ay hindi mo pde i reason kc matatalo kla pag dinala sa DTI. wlng nagwa c leo mallari kundi pirmahn un letter of cancelation ko at civil nmn cla kausap! sana nga maibalik na sa akin, kc may nabsa ako an 2 weeks lng, na crecredit back na kaagad, may ilang gbi din akong hindi nakatulog s kakaipi nun nagwa kong pagkuah ng plan. Xenxya kung madaming typo, nag mamadali lng akong iblog ito. Ngaun, makaktulog na ako, haaay!, kaya pala cnsabi nila n kapag umalis ka, wala kang babalikan s danvil kc ma sesearch mo s internet na scam ung marketing tactics nila. Salamat s lahat ng blogs at mga commnts nabasa ko, malaking tulong ang lahat ng iyon!, FYI, wag kyo pupunta ng lunes at sarado cla, kung pupunta kyo dapat 4pm onwards para masikaso kyo at matao na dun s danvil!!!


  22. hi, neri! Im krys from cebu. I think i'm the latest victim of danvil here. Just signed up kanina (april 5). I liked their plan but their lng talaga ung mali. Minadali nla akong kumuha ng plan. I've said i have to think about it at home with my parents. Ung agent na ng.entertain sa akin, explain xa nang explain. More than 2hrs ako natapos coz d nya ako pakawalan. He said f d daw ma.honor sa bank, wla na clang habol sa akin...kaya napa.oo ako. D ko na mn akalain na dretso lng palang i-swipe ung credit card ko. Wla na akong magawa. I thought they'll just call d bank. Then, they gave me d policy docs! I was really restless when i went home until now! So, i search d net right now & stumbled at this website. Do u i have a chance to be refunded? Please help me... Thanx!

  23. Hi Krys,

    Same thing happened to me. Minadali nila ako and I became restless when I went home so I researched on them and I found this. Yup, you can still get a refund. Just go to them directly at once with your cancellation letter like what I did and be persistent para di ka nila maharrass pa. Good luck!


    Congrats, Drew! Glad you got your money back.


    Hi Jane,

    Palusot lang nila yang cut-off I guess. Be persistent and cancel your plan if you want. Hope you get your money back.

  24. i went to their office yesterday (April 6). but before that, i filed a complaint to SM cebu management first pra walang lusot. pinaharap nila yung head ng danvil. i think she was ashamed for what i did...hehehe...

    she said pwede daw ma-refund 100%. i also submitted a cancellation letter and asked for copies of my docs since she wanted to surrender them. i also let her sign my copy of the cancellation letter. but she didn't give me my statement of account stating that my plan's already cancelled. do i need to ask for it?

    i have also blocked my credit card.

    do i missed anything?

  25. That's great, Krys! But you still have to ask for that SOA saying that your plan has been cancelled because that will be your proof. Good luck and thanks for coming back. :)

  26. jason,

    i didn't get any refund yet. i tried filing my cancellation letter but i don't think n may nag aasikaso sa kanila. instead they sent me reminders on my unpaid dues since feb 09. pinablock ko kc ung card ko so they can stop debiting my account. how about urs? ano n update? i will be coming home this May and i'm planning to go to their office to personally file my cancellation. hope it will give me positive results.

    If u know some other OFWs like us na nakakuha ng refund, please feel free to contact us thru email. Or maybe when i get home, we can see each other.


  27. hi there! Latest victim ako ng Danvil. I signed-up last April 14, 2009. Pumunta agad me kinabukasan sa SM Megamall Branch nila. But before that prepared na me.Kasi nagbasa muna me ng blog and nabasa ko nga na dapat may Cancellation letter. So I went back to SM Megamall, Danvil 5th Floor. Leo Mallari talked to me and wwas trying to explain all over again the plan. But I told him that ayaw ko na ng plan nila and I also mentioned that dapat nilang i-refund yung money ko kasi within 24hrs ako nag-cancel. Si Eugena Battara ang kumuha ng mga papers ko including the Cancellation Letter, kaya lang ang nahingi ko lang na copy is yung OR na chinarge me ng P6,650.00, pero di ko nakuha yung SOA na may nakalagay na Cancelled From Inception. Important Ba yun? Kasi I'm asking her for any confirmation about the cancellation eh, sabi niya ok na yun and binigay niya yung contact number niya i-follow-up ko within 2weeks yung status and yung money daw will be refunded 30-45days.
    What do you think Guys?
    Needed your guidance..

  28. 6,520 lng ang nakuha sa card ko ng nag sign ako ng endowment plan nila.(ubos lahat,,d ko alam).I'm from Cebu..cguro maliit lng na halaga yun sa iba..pero para sa akin..malaki na yun..pwidi ko pa po bang makuha uli ang pera?gagawa ako ng cancellation letter,kaso nga lng baka saturday ko pa kasi saka medyo malayo ang sm cebu..paano?worried na ako....ibibigay pa kaya nila?help ma namn o,,d namn kasi ako yung tipong palaban..kaya nga siguro na uto ako..d nmn pwiding kalimutan ko nlng of my card,,ubos na lahat..ipa cancel ko pa ba talaga?at saka yung papers ko dito d original..ano po ba ang dapat at precise na excuse para ma cancel ang plan na yon?help me name is Kahlah from cebu , my email adress:

  29. actuallly,,last April 4 po nangyari yun..almost a week nah..

  30. Hi,two days ago, I got into this Danvil thing in SM Mega, and swiped my cc, as I have no idea why I did not, maybe I was just tanga that time or hypnotized. Luckily, after searching the net, I found out I can cancel my plan within 24hrs and can refund 100% of my 7,600 Php, so I did, and Danvil said, just to wait 30-45 days for the chargeback, but they called this morning and said they need the OR and my copy of the transaction slip of my CC. Question: Do they need that, as I believe they have their own copy of those docs? Please help me. My email is Thank you.

  31. Hi I can have the attention of the person who posted a comment last April 16 (12:25 pm), the one who signed up Danvil plan in Megamall...

    Hi, can you email me coz halos sabay lang tayo na-biktima at nagpa-cancel. In my case, they called me and they want the copies of the OR and the transaction slip (customer's copy), but I believe they do have their own copy of those docs. As of this writing, hindi pa ako bumabalik sa Mega para ibigay yun copy ng OR at slip. My e-mail is Thank you so much

    Re: my two previous posts.

    Instead "as I have no idea why I did not" it is "as I have no idea why I did that" and:

    Instead "Hi I can have the attention" it is "Hi, can I have the attention..." Sorry...

  33. Hello twoguysinloveforever!!

    I just read your post and also sent a reply to your email na. Just an added info, Binigay ko sa kanila yung docs na pinapirma nila sa akin, humingi lang me ng copy of the Official Receipt re sa charge na P6650 sa CC ko. I-follow-up mo na lang with them. God Bless

  34. Hello everyone,
    just want to share how you can cancel your transaction with Danvil and refund your money, kahit na over a month na ung transaction pwede pa din.
    ang tactica ng devil este danvil ay pag hintayin kayo ng matagal pag alam na mag rerefund kayo, so dun pa lang sa counter mag taas na kayo ng boses at tanungin nyo kung ilan specific time kayo mag hihintay, 1 min, 5 min 1hr,3 hrs, etc, etc. at right away may makakausap kayo.
    Pag may humarap na sa inyo ang tactica naman nila ay medyo bobolahin naman kayo at mag oofer pa ng drinks, ang dapat nyong gawin tanungin nyo kung sya ba ay may authority na pumirma for cancellation kung hindi sabihin nyo ng malakas sa kanya."HINDI IKAW ANG GUSTO KONG MAKAUSAP"
    believe me no questions asked cancel agad ung policy nyo.
    basta pag naki pagusap kayo sa kanila magtaas kayo ng boses dahil takot na marinig ng ibang customers na may nag rereklamo.
    my wife was also a victim of danvil kaya sa galit ko nilusob ko sila at nagwala ako dun.
    hindi naman ako bastos kung ang kaharap o ay decent people, pero yan mga yan manloloko.kaya hindi naman nakakabawas ng pagkatao kung sugurin mo sila.
    on the other hand kung medyo mahiyain kayo at ayaw nyo ng away tumawag kayo sa insurance commision and they will be happy to assist you.tatawagan nila agad ang danvil and order them to refund your money.

  35. Hi I am from Bohol, I got the plan from danvin last april 5, 2009. I called them to ask for someone to speak with regards sa cancellation sa Plan ko. But they insist na kailangan ko pumunta sa office kung saan ako nag apply, which is sa SM Cebu. I went there kahapon lang April 25, 2008. Brownout nun pa nun, and sinabihan ako ng CS nila na d sila maka pag cancel ng plan at the moment kasi wala silang electricity. So I asked kung meron bang personnel na pwede ko makausap with regards sa cancellation ng plan. And and sabi nya wala po kasi iindors pa nila ang name and yun policy number ko.

    So tinaasan ko ng boses, sinabi ko na ito lang yun pinunta ko dito sa cebu and you will tell me na wala akong makausap at d nyo ako ma entertain kasi walang kuryente? Tapos dun, pumasok ang babae cute na sarap imudmud sa Office nila at kinausap si chinita. Pero d kumagat instead kumuha ng bag at lumabas ng office kasi mag close na daw sila!.

    Mga walang hiyang tao! d nila ako enentertain dahil tapos na sila kumuha ng pera ko!

    Lumabas si babaeng cute at sinabihan ako bumalik bukas around 12 PM. Pero I insisted na mag wait ng 30 mins at baka babalik na ang electric. Unfortunately, nag close na talaga sila! Mga lang ya!

    Kinabukasan pag balik ko. Pinasulat ni ng CS na cute ang name ko at yun may naka usap akong April ang pangalan at nag sabi d ko na ma icancel ang nakuha kong plan.

    On the other hand, sinabihan pa akong ng Apil na yun na may pinag aralan naman po cguro kayo. Alam nyo po na endowment yun kinuha nyo at hindi nyo basta2x ma ipacancel yan pag gusto nyo.

    Kahit tumaas na boses ko and umabot sa point na sinabi ko sa kanya sa inyo na lang yun pera ko just cancel my plan! Hindi pa rin pumayag ang gagong Apil!

    Yun agent named Marilyn ayo ko sana cya imention kasi naawa ako sa kanya dahil mukha nya palang parang iiyak na at naawa ako. Sila dalawa d pumayag na icancel ko yun plan ko.

    I mean, pwede ba yun? tinggalan na nila akong ng rights ko! Sinabi pa na kung ipa cancel ko daw dapat next year na para may makuha akong 7k... which is dapat ko raw na ipag patuloy ang monthly na bayaran ko na 1600. Para makuha ko ang 7k. Which is not half yan sa cash na nabigay ko sa kanila na 16,800 pesos.

    Ano ba kailangan ko gawin para makuha ko yun pera ko?

    Kahit gaano ko na gusto ipa cancel yun plan ko they still insist na d pwede.

  36. Hi neri, this is drew, biktima dina ko ng danvil, atlast after exactly 30days na ibalik na sa akin nung april 24 yung 19200 na na charge nila sa CC ko, guys, pde nyo yan i pa cancel within 30days dapat mag taas lng kyo ng boses doon, tapos ipa block nyo na sa CC company nyo at hingiin nyo ung SOA na cancel from inception at i fax nyo sa CC company after 30-45days, ibabalik n yan nila sa CC at bbgayn kyo ng copy ng credit memo, maging makulit lng kyo, weekly kyo 2wag sa danvil megamall at sa CC company para mag follow up.

  37. To "anonymous" from Bohol. Try to get the help of SM Security or SM Management dyan sa Cebu, sabihin mo ayaw nila pa-cancel and/or try to call Insurance Commission, sana my office sila dyan sa Cebu, anyway eto # sa Manila 02-4041758 OR 02-5238461-70.

    Nun time na nagpa-cancel ako ng plan dito sa Megamall, sabi nun manager nila binding na daw yun contract kasi pumirma na ako, sabi ko hindi, void yun contract natin, kasi my fraud na kasama, coercion, at pressure kaya ako na papirma, sobrang pilit ginawa sakin sabi ko, yun wala ng nagawa... napacancel ko...

  38. Hi, Im mel from rizal just got back last month here in philippines. Pls somebody help me on how can i cancel my plan? Last dec 2008 pa ako planholder. Just like what happened to others, i was being forced either by the agent of danvil/prudential life. I heard the news about this company kaya nagsearch ako today sa internet and i found out na hind lang ao nag-iisa. Nagbayad ako ng endowment na 6,520 kasi nga pinipilit nila akong kumuha.. Kahit igiit kona i dont have that amount eh niliitan nila ng niliitan offer para lang kumuha ako.. Hindi nila ako tinantanan hanggat di ako nakakakuha.. Morethan 3 hours na ko dun and i need to go back home na kaya para matapos na usapan ay nagwithdraw ako and pay cash the 6520.. Sabi naman nila marefund ko din yun after one year.. Pero sa dami kong naririnig about them ay masyado akong nagworried..nagbayad pa ako last april ng cash dahil nga andito ako sa pinas.. Pero worried ako na baka di kona makuha pera ko.. 4 months na kong planholder and i wanna cancel my plan asap habang andito pa ako pinas.. Pls somebody help me what to do.. Pls send me what to do and how? PLS. PLS HELP ME.. pakisend sa email ko if anu dapat kong gawin, plano kong ipacancel ito this week.. email add ko thanks for advance

  39. HI there anonymous from BOHOl...,mapa cancel mo pa yan..promise..'yong sa akin napa cancel ko,..pumunta agad ako sa SM security management..maniwala ka.tutulungan ka nila..HUwag mo sabihin na sa kanila nalng yong pera..16 k pa nmn sm security ka nlng mg punta..!!Ok.?.or pwidi nmn kitang matulungan,...

  40. Hi Anonymous... Ako po yun taga BOHOL... Ano po yun advice nyo po? Umuwi po akon na d na ipa cancel ang plan ko. At just this morning after ko nag email sa SEC at PIC tumawag sa akin ang taga DANVIL at irefund daw nila ang money ko...humingi pa po sila ng despenda with regards of the treatment their agents treated me.

    In what way nyo po ako matulungan? hindi pa rin po kasi ako kombinsado na isauli nila yun pera ko until di ko matatanggap from them.

    Thanks po in advance!

  41. @Jhenie: Sorry but I don't know any OFW who cancelled personally eh. Hope someone can help from this thread.

    @Anon from SM Mega: Did you get your refund? It's still better if you have your SOA marked "Cancelled from Inception" para may habol ka in case you don't get your refund.

    @Kahlah from Cebu: Kumusta na cancellation mo? Kahit magkano pa yan, that's your hard-earned money and you have the right to get it back.

    @twoguysinloveforever: Yup they might need the OR and CC transaction slip pero may copy naman sila dapat. But if ever they ask you for it, just photocopy these as well in case they don't bring them back to you.

    @Anon from Bohol: You can cancel your plan. Be insistent and have your cancellation letter with you. Tell them of other people who have cancelled their plans like us. And there's no "no refund" clause in the contract, remind them.

    @Mel from Rizal: You can cancel your plan anytime but I don't know if you can refund your money since ilang months na. Be persistent and wag ka pa-bully.

    Thanks to everyone who gave their pieces of advice. I hope you all get your money back. Ba't kaya di pa magbago Danvil, no?

  42. hi, i was a planhoder of Danvil Plans last April 28, 2009..i go back to their office & cancelled my policy plan after a week, ang bilis ko na-approve yung cancellation letter at na-cancel kaagad sa system yung account ko, at humingi ako ng SOA, wala pa 30mins. ako ngayon 4 process na ang refund ko at tumawag na rin ako sa HSBC para ma-cancel kaagad ang transaksyon ko sa kanila.

  43. hi po sa lahat.

    i just want to share my experience regarding the cancellation. i've been a planholder since May 2008. Ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng chance na makapunta ulit s Danvil since i am an OFW. It's true that for those planholders na medyo matagal na, there is a remote possibility na marerefund pa ung buong naibayad na. Dahil po according dun s contact natin, there is a corresponding cash surrender value every year applicable s plan n kinuha nyo. In my case, i decided to downgrade my plan rather than to cancel it since masyadong maliit ung cash value ng plan ko kung itutuloy ko ung cancellation. In short, ung naibayad ko na became an advance payment since pinaliit ko ung value ng plan. So nung macompute n ng agent, it turned out na 10 months na lang ang babayaran ko and the payment will start in 2012.

    So for those po na medyo matagal ng nagbabayad s kanila, might as well think of alternatives other than cancellation. Kung sa tingin nyo, ok na sa inyo ung cash surrender value nung plan nyo, then go for the cancellation lalo na kung medyo in doubt na kayo sa status nila.

    Just giving some insights for those planholders with the same case.

  44. Can someone also help me with the cancellation? My father was lured with Danvil too last March 2009 paying more than 400,000 to date. He's an OFW and he received a letter from them informing him that he wasn't able to pay last month. He immediately made contact with the customer service number they'd given and was always, always busy. So, when I tried calling them, I got the same problem.

    By then, I tried going through the web and shockingly found out all these problems being said. Now, my father wanted to cancel the whole thing and would be willing to come back here.

    What should he do first? Is there a chance he'll be able to get the refund? As for the cancellation letter, can somebody get me a copy of it? Please, guys, I need your help, almost half a million pesos is so much money already..

  45. Hi All, Neri,

    I also would want to seek advice from all of you... Nabiktima rin ako ng Danvil kahapon lang, 12June, dito sa branch nila sa SM North Edsa.

    As the usual story goes, they will convince you to save for your future plan. Hindi nila ako mapaOO, and they keep on asking "kung makakapagIpon ka, magiging masaya ka ba?", once they got my OO naman... They will now forward you to their manager.. iveverify daw kung papayagan ako ng banko ko na magSave. Kung verification ang gagawin. bakit kailangang iswipe yung card. after nagkapirmahan, kinabahan na ko.

    good thing i was with my GF, siya talaga yung malakas ang loob.. today, 13June. nag internet muna kame about this Danvil company and nakabasa nga kame sa mga blogs about the complaints of their clients. We printed the steps, and also made my cancellation letter stating the cancellation of our plan.. nagpunta kame, mga 1hr kameng inentertain para hindi na namen icancel.. lumabas muna kame ng GF ko and tinawagan yung bangko ko.. which is hsbc. sabi nila. hindi pa daw napopost yung transactions na nacredit nga kagabi... hintayin nalang daw mapost. they also said na hindi nga affiliated ang danvil sa kanila at wala silang pinapayagang endowment acct ng ganun ganun lang.

    bumalik kame sa office nila, at naging persistent na kame sa pagcancel... kinuha nila lahat ng documents.. ang ibinigay lang nila is yung photocpy ng receipt, yung cancellation letter signed by their manager and yung plan ekek. ang sabi samen. update nalang daw kame within 30-45 days and marereceive na namen yung full refund sa aking credit account...

    somehow, i feel relieved but not until i get my money back to my account. i still am wary...

    can you suggest me on when i would call them up? and ano yung mga dapat kong sabhin? please help me... you can send me a pm at my yahoo account. cleric_hao

  46. one thing pa.. ang nasa aken lang is yung cancellation letter ko signed by their manager + yung receipt. tapos update ko daw cla within 30-45 days...

    anu pwede kong gawing actions from here on? please help me.. :(

  47. a while ago. i called my bank. HSBC. and said nga na kanina.. napacancel ko yung account/transaction ko from danvil. ang sabi ng CS representative. dapat, hindi na mapost yun Php16800 creditted from my hsbc account kung talagang napacancel ko yung account ko. the moment na nagpost siya as creditted transaction sa aking hsbc account, thats the time daw na magfile ng dispute yung hsbc and dun na rin sila mamamagitan.

    somehow i feel relieved kahit wala ung SOA ko with status cancel upon inception, ang pinanghahawakan ko nalang is yung cancellation letter ko signed by their manager.

    good thing i also have my online hsbc account para namomonitor ko. any suggestions pa? i would gladly appreciate any help. special thanks to my gf. :)

  48. uy, thanks sa support ah.. :) we must stand firm to fight this hooligans.. hehe.. as for now, im still waiting for my money to be charged back eh.. i called them, and they said na its still on the process of endorsement to their main office... so i guess, all i can do is wait. kahit na napost na yung chinarge nila from my credit account... i also read on your blog na 2weeks lang nakuha mo na ung charge back., siguro, after 2weeks of waiting, kung wla pareng update, i should call for an action, right? what do you think?

  49. Just an update. nakuha ko na kahapon yung SOA ko with status Cancelled from inception. :) sana tuloy tuloy na.. :)

  50. hi hao, thanks for the update. yup, your refund is on the way now for sure. congrats!

  51. yay!!! good news.. after 15days or so.. na chargeback na yung nakuha saken.. :) salamat sa Diyos and thanks to you neri for blogging and sharing this experience :)

  52. hi hao! sabi sayo e. great to hear that you got your refund back. :)
    you're welcome :) i really blogged this for those who are searching about danvil and it's good that i can help others. sana marami pang matulungan. God bless :)

  53. help
    gusto ko rin icancel ang account ko. ngpunta ako sa office nila sa SM Cebu sabi hindi daw pwede icancel at wala akong perang makuha. nag-advise sila nag ihold lng muna ang account ko. Pero sa mga nabasa ko ngayon pwede pala makuha ang pera.Please help nmn paano ang process pwede bang makahingi nang sample letter niyo. send lng sa email ko po

  54. hi neri,
    thanks to your blog, very informative and helpful to sa mga nabiktima ng DANVIL tulad ko.

    Jul 3 nila ko nauto (at simula nun hindi na ko makatulog ng maayos, kaiisip dito..leche tlg), at nung Jul 7, bumalik ako sa office nila para makipagkulitan na ipacancel ang insurance policy ko. Mabuti naman at hindi sila umubra sa kakulitan ko..hehe, napacancel ko ang account ko! weeh! Thank you Lord! Sobrang tuwa ko talaga nun. Salamat sa lahat ng ngshare ng experiences nila dito, ang laking tulong nyo guys.

    Right now, iniintay ko na lang ma-charge back ung nakuha nila sa kin...30-45 days daw ung processing nila..haays..sana tuloy tuloy na para happy ending na..haha. >D

  55. hi neri,

    i'm also from an angeles. my friend and i were also persuaded to get a plan with danvil ppl last weekend. and like the others, i can't quite get rid of this uneasy feeling since i got the plan... now, after reading all this negative publicity about PPL, i intend to get back the money i paid them which is 19K+.. moreover, i am presently studying, taking up a second degree and i don't think it'll be easy for me to make the monthly payment.. do you think i can still refund the money since i've already signed a contract with them? problem is,
    i signed up for it willingly when i thought that the maturity date is after 5 yrs. i was only made aware of the 15-year period after i paid them, and at the time i just didn't think too much of it. now, all this bad talk about danvil is bothering me... will they credit my atm since i paid them in cash? thanks so much neri for any help you can give.. God bless..

  56. @rolan: hi rolan, sorry but i'm not sure kung na-email kita. kumusta na ung cancellation mo?

    @kei: hi kei, glad to hear from you. siguro naman by now processed na ung chargeback mo.

    @tere: hi tere, you can refund it even if you signed the contract already just like what i did. however since cash ang pinambayad mo baka mahirapan ka but be persistent and create the cancellation letter and balikan mo sila agad. other links in my post might help. hope you get your money back.

  57. thank you for the info, neri :) good thing, di ka nagsasawa kakasagot sa min... :) do u think i should include in my cancellation letter the fact that their tactics are dirty and manipulative? or should i just stick with my reasons for cancelling - that is, not having the capacity to pay the monthly as of the moment, that i'm really strapped for cash and i badly need the money? tnx again...

  58. @tere: no prob :) actually nahihiya nga ako kasi di na ko agad nakakasagot since di na ko active dito. but i always keep trying to answer questions kasi nga i've been there also and it's really frustrating that time.

    i think you should stick na lang to your reasons kesa makipag-away pa. wala rin naman kasi mapapala pag nagkainitan ng ulo plus baka patagalin pa nila.

    God bless :)

  59. hi neri..

    i just came from SM cebu para icancel yung policy ko from them like many others ngdalwang isip na din ako kahapon pa nung maswipe na ung CC ko..di ko lng napursue kasi di ko alam ang gagawain ko eh..biruin mo ba nmn..16,800 ang nawala agad katangahan kasi napapayag nila ako..madalian kasi talaga..

    anyways,tama ka talaga you have to be firm on your decision na ipacancel na ang account dahil hanggat kaya nila icoconvince ka parin tlaga nila..tatakutin ka pa na may pinirmahan ka daw kontrata..pero sabi ko sa lahat ng kontrata pwedeng umyaw ang talaga pingtaasan ko na xa ng boses..

    then, ung head nya siguro ung nilapitan niya at pinakausap ako..xa na ung ngreceived ng letter of cancellation ko..and i asked of any proof na mababalik na ung pera ko sa CC ko..and she gave me a letter..indicating that the whole amount shall be refunded 30 days after the surrender of the policy..

    tanong i still need to ask from them my SOA indicating that its already invalid?...

    sana po masagot mo ako agad..
    salamat ng marami..kasi nkuha ko ang idea of what to do reading your blogs here..



  60. hi apple,

    buti nakacheck ako ngayon ng blog hehe. nwei, ung SOA kahit di na necessary kung nareceive mo na rin naman ung refund mo. tsaka good thing kasi may letter ka rin naman for proof na ibabalik nila money mo. pero it's your choice if you still want to have a copy for future references. :)

    thanks for sharing and God bless ^^

  61. hi neri..

    thanks sa reply ha..hehe..pasensya ka na...

    tumawag na ako ulit kahapon sa office nila..di na daw kailangan ng SOA pa kasi enough evidence na daw ung letter na binigay nila..

    kaya ang ggwin ko nlng is imonitor ung account ko para masure if nabalik na nila...3o days pa daw ang process eh..hmmm..

    salamt ulit ha..


  62. hi everyone,

    i'm very much desperate regarding this DANVIL issue. me and my cousin were victims, they had swiped 9,500 on my credit card and 24,000 on my cousin. please help us. it is almost a month now, we went back there to cancel our policy by the lady told us it is non refundable..please help

  63. how can i cancel and file a complaint to SEC?? i need a sample letter.. just send to this add

  64. Hi Neri, salamat sa post. katulad nyo, isa din ako sa kinakabahan at baka hindi marefund yung naswipe sakin na 19k. Ganun nga ang marketing nila gipitan. pumunta ko sa office nila within 24 hours after nila ko "pilitin" bumili ng plan na hindi ko din alam ang pangalan basta endowment lang. tricky yung word na "ipapa-approve sa bank". Yung hawak ko lng nun is the receipt kasi pinadala thru air21 yung documents ko.. kailangan daw yun bago macancell yung plan. Pinapabalik ako nung nakausap ko sabi dalhin ko daw yung documents at letter of cancellation, sana matino syang kausap.. Ang totoo hindi ko talaga kayang bayaran / isave (according to their term) and 19k dahil madami akong binabayaran. Sana lang talaga hindi na ako iconvince ng mga taong yun dahil baka mag nervous breakdown ako sa harap ng mga clients nila.. :( kinakabahan talga ko tuwing naiisip ko tong event na to sa buhay ko.. sana makuha ko din yung refund ko..


  65. Hi sa lahat.. nagpunta ko sa danvil, sabi ko ipapacancel ko yung plan, sabi sakin nung nakausap ko hindi na daw pwedeng icancel yung plan, pag nicancel ko daw wala akong makukuha.. wala pang 4 days yung plan ko, please kung may nakkaalam ng tamang process ng pagfifile ng ganitong case paki-tulong naman.. sobrang hindi tama yung paglulure nila at harap harapang pagsisinungaling sa customers nila...


  66. my God!i cant believe na marami na pala naloko ang letseng danvil na to!isa din ako sa mga naloko nila sa southmall las pinas,taga mindanao pa naman ako kaya di ko talaga alam na may ganyan palang modus..9,835 yung nakuha nilang pera saakin sabi pa nila e tra try lang daw na swipe yung atm ko ang tanga ko naman pumayag ako kasi grabe sila pinipilit ka talaga|!pero after na masabi ko sa mama ko ang tungkol doon,immediately bumalik kami sa office nila within that day an after 2 hours of having an argument pumayag din silang epa cancel ang endowment policy ko..i have a cancellation letter with me signed by their sales manager marionlou recla and she said full refun daw at epa pa rush pa daw niya 2-3weeks!im just worried na baka di nila isauli yung pera ko at baka mag chacharge pa rin sila sa credit card ko every month!i only have my cancellation letter with me,is it enough?what shud i do to get my money back?and para di na sila makakuha pa ng pera ko sa bank?please i really need help...this is really a nigthmare for me!

  67. helo to all… for update, pwd pa ma-cancel within 30 days at makuha ang refund… tinatawag yan nilang pre-outlook…. kung ayaw nilang tanggapin ang cancellation letter at irefund ang policy mo… magsent ka ng complaint sa SM Admin…

  68. hello..may number ba kayo ng branch nila sa SM North Edsa? or you custiomer service hotline nila? mag follow-up lang ako regarding sa cancellation ko..i called the back earlier today and sabi wala pa daw nafifile na kahit anong papers galing sa kanali..and it's almost a month from the time na nagpass ako ng cancellation letter at sabi e wait for 30-45 days daw..


  69. hi neri and to all...

    im glad kasi i got my money back..credited back na sa CC ko ung amount na nacharge sakin last august 28..kakakcheck ko lng kanina online.. mga gusto mgpacancel do it..if thats what u really want dahil pera nyo nmn yan..wag kayo matakot sa kung anong sasabihin nila..dahil in inyong pera yan..

    sa case ko..30-45 days tlaga ung naging process bago nacharge back ulit..buti nlng talaga..

    godbless everyone..


  70. shoot... i thought it was a good investment.. my monthly payment starts today. i was trying to contact them since i wont be able to drop by at their office to pay my monthly due. so i searched in the internet for their contact numbers and i found these various blogs/posts about this scam. I applied for the endowment policy last July 2009 and paid 9K cash (goodness, i almost went to the 19k policy). and as i said, my monthly payment starts today. can i still cancel this plan??? i really need to know.. can you guys help me on this. i'll check the contracts later, too, when i get home.. thanks

  71. helo to all victims of danvil/philippine prudential life... try to send a letter of complaint to DTI since they are the implementing agency of Consumer Act of the Philippines regarding the violation of some articles of the Act.. Just study the articles before you cancel your application of the plan so that you have enough knowledge bout the Act... Since, in their Raffle Draw, they said they are exempted from DTI Permit, just ask DTI bout it, and bout their marketing strategy with high pressure, just read the articles and include it in your letter of Complaint to SM ADMIN, DTI, SEC, and Insurance Commission..

  72. Hi..I had the same story. But I cancelled it after 30 days pa. I got the refund already. I just went to the branch and submit the docs and cancellation letter. That's it.

  73. hi guys,

    me and my friend also had the same ordeal of this last sept. 22 lang.. they debit 6,650 from my atm. i am worried that they wer able to access my atm account.. we want to cancel the policy..neri..could you please gave me at least a format on how to write a cancellation letter?..thanks in advance..i hope to hear from you soon..

  74. helo ..

    another tip, if you get a plan and swipe your credit card.. tapos natauhan ka after 24 hours.... ang gawin mo lang, write a cancellation letter, gawan mo ng diskarte para lang mapirmahan nila ang Cancellation Letter mo.. Then wait for the bill of your credit card, then kung nacharge yun, file a dispute to the credit card company with your Photocopied Cancellation Letter. try that, pwd rin tawagan nyo muna ang Agent sa Credit Card kung ano dapat gawin.... ok??

  75. this is jack

    hi. everybody.i welcome myself as one of the latest victim of this what you called scam.walang hiya tong mga agents na yan.galing lang ako ng bpi para mag deposit at paglabas ko nakasalubong ko na tong bading na agent ng danvil.thier using this PPL name para seguro di halata.I just came home few months ago kaya wala talaga akong idea sa mga gaent na to. on my first few days pagpunta ko ng sm deadma lang ako sa kanila at d ko alam kung ano tumama sa akin bakit napasama ako nung bading na yun.sabi mananalo ako.may pasabi pa na alam mo na sino babalatohan mo pag nanalo.romeo is her este his SM CEBU.tapos dun sa office nila sa 3rd floor besides LTO which will be a unforgettable place for me and i will never forget this particular thing happen in my life. this will be a nightmare for doon na ako sa loob wala pang tanghalian and they serve ice tea. it took me 3 hrs para pumayag ka sa gusto nila.pressured ka talaga sa ginagawa nila.hindi ka nila hihintoan sa pag explain tungkol sa future at kung ano2x pa.kaya sa huli mapa OO ka talaga sa gusto nila.ang bilis nila mag process pag nag YES ka na. At ito ang napapansin ko.wala ka pang na fill upan na papers yung card ko deducted na ng amount na 16,800 WTF, and while writing their form tutulungan ka pa nila magsulat HUH.ganito ba talaga ang matinong business. and while going home dun ko palang naisip ang mga bagay na scam kaya yun,totoo ba yun, d ko naman narinig pangalan nila sa radio, TV o sa internet.when i got home nag browse talaga ako and thanks sa inyo mga brod at may mga blog kayo d2. nagpuyat talaga ako para mabasa ko ang mga comments nyo and paano magpa cancel kasi wala na akong peace of mind and its true its a huge relief pag napa cancel mo yung policy account mo.the next day agad nagpa cancel ako.luckily na cancel naman nila.and now starting to count 30-45 banking days daw.hopefully ma refund yuung pera ko.thanks sa inyo mga bro.

  76. this is jack again,

    advise ko lang sa magpa cancel ng policy account nila. dun kayo makipag sa MANAGER mismo.wag sa ASSISTANT MANAGER lang kasi i think walang power yung assistant manager na magsabi na cancel his account.kasi ang nangyari sa akin assistant kumausap sa akin and it took me 90 minutes of wasted time wala pa dun ang pag antay ko na magpa cancel of 2+ hrs ako nasa mala impyernong lugar ng danvil PPL SM CEBU.wag rin kayo pumayag sa options ibibigay nila na mag downgrade o mag loan after a year.dapat cancel talaga sa mismong oras na yun. and i remember yung last word ko para pumayag ang manager na ma cancel yung account. ” KUNG HINDI NYO KAYANG ECANCEL ANG ACCOUNT NA YAN SA IBANG AHENSYA NA AKO MAGREKLAMO NA MAKAKAGAWA NG MAG CANCEL SA ACCOUNT NA YAN” and the next words ng manager telling her assistant.”BIGYAN MO NA NG CANCELLATION LETTER” and while talking to them dapat ikaw kadlaasan magsalita.wag yung tulad ng una na sila nagsasalita lagi hanggang mapapayag ka.pwede mo ma cancel ang account mo with any reason and you dont have to write any reason sa cancellation letter.ang importante yung policy number dapat naka indicate dun
    at yung date kung kailan effective yung cancellation.totoo talaga sinabi nila its a big relief na makawala sa policy insurance nila.ngayon makakatulog na ako ng maayos.sana ma refund yung initial ko.within 24hrs naman ako nagpa cancel.i just feel so sorry sa mga bagong acknowlege na members nila.i’ll keep you updated guys for the refund.gudluck to all.

  77. to guys...

    send your complaint letter to DTI... I think it is also useful to complain to that agency. just be firm... send also to them the flyer of the Sales Promo they are conducting... Because, as I know they still have to secure a DTI PERMIT in conducting sales promotion, and they are giving "daw" 10,000 US dollars and a HONDA CITY CAR for the winners... Such a BIG AMOUNT.. (even there are lots of clients canceling their policy.... where they will get their prize money.. hehehe)

  78. pls help nmn po..anyone who could give me an example of cancellation letter please..urgent lng po..thanks in advance..kindly email it to

  79. To those who need a sample cancellation letter, just be concise and straight to the point. I don't have my copy right now but I started the letter with this:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I, (name), would like to cancel my policy (policy number) in (company name stated in the contract).


    You can also state the specific date when you took the policy and in what SM branch. Then specify the reason(s) why you're cancelling - like financial problems or what-have-you's.

    As much as possible don't start a fight with the words you'll use because we're aiming for diplomacy here. The smoother the discussion, the better so we won't have trouble in following up on the SOA and chargeback.

    Hope this helps. Sorry for the late response. God bless. :)

  80. To those who need a sample cancellation letter, just be concise and straight to the point. I don't have my copy right now but I started the letter with this:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I, (name), would like to cancel my policy (policy number) in (company name stated in the contract).


    You can also state the specific date when you took the policy and in what SM branch. Then specify the reason(s) why you're cancelling - like financial problems or what-have-you's.

    As much as possible don't start a fight with the words you'll use because we're aiming for diplomacy here. The smoother the discussion, the better so we won't have trouble in following up on the SOA and chargeback.

    Hope this helps. Sorry for the late response. God bless. :)

  81. thanks neri..this really helps.. anyone who has swiped through atm? sice i don't have cc they swiped my atm...i can't sleep already...thinkin' of this we will go to ppl office to cancel but i was thinkin' how can they return my money..any idea? are they going to issue a check or they will depost it to my account?i already transfer all my savings to other bank because i fill-up an ADA form..and if the bank will approve that my account will be debited 6650 a month... i hate PPL for life..

  82. they will issue check... because i had an experience with my gf.. the payment is cash so they will issue check for the refund... And we are still waiting for the refund... 30 days pa daw..

  83. Hi anonymous =D

    Maiisue po ba agad yung check after ma-sign yung cancellation letter? or papabalikin pa ako.. mga letse sila....

    Thanks in advance. Best Regards.

  84. Within 30 days pa rin daw bago makuha, advice lang sila kung pwd na makuha ang cheque..

  85. yey! nasign na ung cancellation letter..i have na with me the SOA stating cancelled from inception..waiting for 30-45 days..i hope macharge back tlga..if not..naku magwawala na nmn ako..hahha..windang na nmn cla..

  86. to those who are planning to cancel their plolicy, pls do it now!!! wag kayong papayag na sabihin nila "be back tom to process the cancellation"--wag kayong papayag magtanong kayo sa ibang tao with a higher position sa office nila kase delaying tactics nila yan. manager yung nakausap and sabe saken di nila ma-issue ang new statement of acct na may nakalagay na "cancel upon inception" dahil holiday today walang bank which is true but! bumalik ako after lunch then iba yung kinausap ko and sabe i can cancel my policy on that day and even on the same day na naggsign kayo ng policy!!! if 5 seconds ayaw nyo na, pwede nyong icancel and be firm about it wag kayong matatakot sa mga yan kase job nilang mangulit yaan nyong sila maghabol sa inyo basta kung ayaw nyo sabihin nyo na agad kahit mangulit sila kumausap kayo ng ibang tao. or magpatawag kayo sa friend nyo sabihin nyo nanjan na sundo nyo, then run! cancel nyo na asap kung di kayo matahimik! sobrang sad ngaun ko lang naisip yung mga pwede kong ginawa sana para di na ko nakuhanan ng 20,000. anyway its ur decision naman pero if ayaw nyo talaga, don't sign anything!!!

  87. nakakalungkot sobrang bad publicity. mag-trust ka ba sa isang company na puro bad publicity.

  88. Hi neri,

    I'm so glad I have stumbled upon your site. I applied for the same policy a month ago (nov. 6, 2009) and i'm going to file a cancellation letter tomorrow. will i still be able to get a refund on the initial premium charged through my card? regards and thanks very much. this site really helped me :)

  89. neri

    i was also a victim of danvil, but since my card was not approved for the 6650 amount i was enrolled to their life insurance that is amounting to 2200, can i cancel this also with the cancellation letter ure telling?? hoping for your reply..

  90. I am a victim of Philippine Prudential Life and availed the endowment plan. I am planning to go back ASAP to Megamall to cancel my Policy, who wants to join me? email me at

  91. hi. im maria,

    do you have a contact no. of danvil? can you please provide me their contact no./nos.? i'm actually very busy with work that's why i can't cancel my plan and refund my money now. please reply as soon as you can. thank you so much.

  92. Hi thank you for this site. I wanted to cancel my plan now which i got last JUly 31, 2010. siguro pwede pa yun since my monthly payment will start still on november 2010 . Any suggestions and idea? do i still have to file the complaint with SEC? or should I go directly to PPLIC here in SM Cebu with my cancellation letter?
    Hope to hear from you soon.. Thank you.

  93. Hi. I cancelled my plan last year pa. But i didn't get any notice about it. It was not deducted to my credit card pero di ko pa macontact ang danvil and i want a refund. I'm not sure how much na ang nailagay ko sa plan. What will i do?

  94. Hello po

    Chien po ito sa Cebu, isa rin po ako sa na biktima. naka avail po ako sa sm southmall po. eh ngayon i decided na i cancel ko na po dahil po sa mga negative feedbacks na natanggap ko.
    pwedi ko po bang icancel ito sa dito po sa branch nang sm cebu.
    please po tulungan nyo po ako if may alam keu. thanks po. ito po email ad ko.

  95. hi neri can you help me to refund my money as soon as possible i have already cancel my policy on march 9. i want to get my money because i need my money for the tuition fee of my sister

  96. hi neri can you help me to refund my money as soon as possible i have already cancel my policy on march 9. i want to get my money because i need my money for the tuition fee of my sister

    pls hep me and email me at thnx