Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine

I like this song from the Twilight OST I've presented yesterday. It's actually my current fave. (imeem is now my regular dose of music updates.)

I'm amused by the long title, that's why I put it there with the band as well. At first I thought the lyrics were just random lyrical words but on second thought, it might present a deeper, and even political, thought. Reflecting on this, even jumbled words can have meaning to anyone who wants to make a meaning of it, ei?

Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine

I was a quick wit boy
Diving too deep for coins
All of your straight blind eyes
Wide on my plastic toys
And when the cops closed the fair
I cut my long baby hair
Stole me a dog-eared map
And called for you everywhere

Have I found you?
Flightless bird, jealous, weeping
Or lost you?
American mouth
Big bill looming

Now I’m a fat house cat
Cursing my sore blunt tongue
Watching the warm poison rats
Curl through the white fence cracks
Kissing on magazine photos
Those fishing lures thrown in the cold and clean
Blood of Christ mountain stream

Have I found you?
Flightless bird, brown hair bleeding
Or lost you?
American mouth
Big bill, still going down

I actually don't know if that's "Big bill" or "Big pill." But definitely that's "a quick wit boy" and not "wet" as most lyrics in the net got posted.


  1. oh my god! the song is stunning! really really good!

    this is my kind of music! wow! the best!

    hello! just drpppi'n by..^_^

  2. i also got a copy fro myself!!nice nice!!thanks!^_^

  3. hi, eilarmos! thanks for dropping by. ^^

    glad you liked it, too. :)

  4. neri! i got an imeem account too! may i know urs? im :

    and i like this one song from twilight too! was the movie ok btw?

  5. hi nessy, glad you dropped by! added you in imeem btw. haven't watched twilight bec it will only be shown here in the phils by tomorrow pa.