Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Patience is Running Out

*** Update: I received my refund! Yay! ***

I'm a patient person, really. I truly am. But, Danvil, you're getting on my nerves. Here's some virtual smoke.
(Note to kids: I've never tried smoking in my whole life.)

Easy Come
Thanks to Recipe Hotline for sharing this good info on processing of insurance policies, as commented in my previous post:
Well as far as I know since you signed up saturday evening your application would be process monday which is the regular business day. I just don't know if they process application on a sunday. Granting they process applications for new policy holders even on sundays, your application would be underwritten by the company's underwriter. It would go for an evaluation before they could give you a policy number. This is how I know because I've been working in an insurance company for 7 years. So, if you went there sunday afternoon, they should have canceled it per your request because your application is still on process that is why there's no amount yet being debited on your CC because they're not yet done with the underwriting.

By the way, Danvil Plans, Inc is formerly Berkley International Plans.

So given that knowledge and going back to when I got my policy that Saturday night, how come they were able to finish off the policy and give me my contract number in just a few minutes? (The presentation itself took more or less an hour but the approval of papers were in a jiffy.)

But Not Easy Go
Okay, so given that I have to wait for 30-45 days for the chargeback of that transaction, Danvil should still polish its system. I called yesterday to follow up on this and they told me that the courier sent my cancellation papers to the head office. I asked them if they could fax my Statement of Account in the office so I won't go through the hassle of going there. (SM Pampanga and Clark are not neighbors, I tell you.) They said they'll try and I gave the fax number.

Come this lunchtime and I followed up on them again. (That's how much I don't trust their word.) Choco (this time I got the name alright) told me that I'd get the credit memo after 2 weeks. And the Statement of Account was different from the credit memo. Fine, they also have problems with explanations. They told me on Sunday that I'd get the credit memo today and now they tell me that it's only a Statement of Account. Before you speak, you should know what you're talking about. I've actually talked to 4 people on the phone on different occasions besides the three people I talked to personally last Sunday and their explanations don't match.

I'm Still Waiting
Okay (again), so given that I'd only get a Statement of Account which states that my policy has been cancelled since inception, where do you write your notes there? My SOA hasn't been faxed yet as of this writing because "their fax machine is currently being repaired." Jeff, the last Danvil employee I talked to on the phone as of late, told me that they might be able to fax it by 5pm. Is that an excuse for delay? I hope not.

***Update: I got my SOA as of 4:30pm today. Whew!***

Customer Service Should be a Priority
Yesterday, I also emailed,, and to follow up on my cancelled policy. A minute ago, I've also inquired in Prudential Life if the policy was really theirs. Let's see if Prudential Life's customer service will beat Danvil's "speed."

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  1. Hi,two days ago, I got into this Danvil thing in SM Mega, and swiped my cc, as I have no idea why I did not, maybe I was just tanga that time or hypnotized. Luckily, after searching the net, I found out I can cancel my plan within 24hrs and can refund 100% of my 7,600 Php, so I did, and Danvil said, just to wait 30-45 days for the chargeback, but they called this morning and said they need the OR and my copy of the transaction slip of my CC. Question: Do they need that, as I believe they have their own copy of those docs? Please help me. My contact # is 09165704116 or email me at Thank you.