Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The World Aches for Gas

Gas price increase is a constant headache that the world endures. When... will... the... hurting... stop?!? Ugh.

Even us commuters feel the gas price hike because of the increasing fares. When I was in college, I jokingly remarked that there will come a time that jeepney fares will be 10 pesos. Back in those days, the fare was around 5 pesos.

Look at us now: Php 8.50 for the average 4-kilometer jeepney fare!?! That totally sucks! I don't cuss, but I can feel my blood boil with the ongoing rate. I miss my elementary days when it was just Php 1.50. Imagine that!!!

Woe to humanity.


  1. Every week, my BP spikes with the incessant increases of fuel prices. Woe to humanity indeed, except to the OPEC.