Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sadly, I'm Out...

TrueHow unfortunate that after having my gorgeous layout (which I still have to organize; my-green-bloglog isn't cooperating >_<), I can't be with you for a while. *sob*

Sorry to you all because I won't be able to blog here and in Galleria Neri for the next few days. (Boohoo!) I also can't answer comments and hop back to you then. (Time check: 1:23 am.) I have to sleep now because today's a great day for me to accomplish work requirements.

Yes, you read that right --- work!!! My bumhood days are totally over now. *rivers of tears*

Everything just happened so fast that I still can't believe that I'll be working in my new company on Friday! As in this Friday!!! (Notice my frequent use of exclamations in this post.)

I still have to get clearances and medical exams tomorrow so I can submit them on Thursday for my job orientation as well. I'm so not ready. Haha. You see, I just went for an initial interview yesterday then bam!.. final interview and job offer afterwards. What a day. Indeed, what a day. Perhaps God misplaced a miracle and it plopped on my lap. Hehe. Anyway, thanks to God for the surprise. :)

Hopefully, I'd get to you by Saturday. (And a little on Thursday for LP; I don't want to miss that for sure.) ^^' *hugs hugs hugs*

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