Saturday, July 12, 2008

Addicted to Insanity

If you loved Wanted like me and you're addicted to its insanity as I do, then perhaps you'd be interested with its promo in ClickTheCity. Just enter two or more sentences to get a raffle entry to win Wanted freebies! Hurry! It's only up to July 15.

It's a good thing I did a review because I didn't find it hard to come up with my entry, just polished it up a bit and made it more concise.

Wanted is an insane bloodbath. Everything's insane --- the twisted plot, the crazy characters, the devilish stunts, and the curving bullets. I loved every insane bit of it! Here I found blood appropriate, beautiful and, at weird times, sexy. Definitely recommend to fans of "guns, guts and gore."

If you haven't read my review for Wanted yet, click here.

Next review? I'm waiting for Dark Knight and Hellboy 2. Gosh, I've been up to super heroes lately. ;)

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