Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Applied for a Job to Bo Sanchez!!!

I can't believe what I just did a few minutes ago. I really applied for a job to Bo Sanchez! (And he might read this in the future if ever he visits this from my email. *cringe*) But I really did!

Well not directly 'coz I just used the contact form in Bo's site. I didn't know where (or which, because there's a handful of emails) to send my resume so I just contacted him through his site. Hehe. I must be desperate. Or out of my mind. I just jumped to the opportunity. Or the idea, in this case.

You see, I've always wondered what if I can be part of Kerygma (the magazine). I've always dreamt of a writing job. And now I want to fulfill that dream. I've always pushed that dream away though my heart longed for it. And even if my mind was used to cowering at opportunities that have to be seized, I now make my jump.

I told myself that I have to leave my comfort zone (software development) to chase my dream. I did when life permitted me. I resigned.

But in order to chase something, you have to run. In order to run, you have to let go of your fears and move forward.

I'm starting my pace. :)

P.S. It doesn't matter if I won't be accepted. Well, on second thought, of course it matters. (How can rejection be a happy moment, ei?) But that doesn't mean I'll quit. I have to move forward. ;)

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  1. gosh i know how you feel

    i am a bo sanchez fan myself!!