Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Irony of Being Unborn

I am 24 years old. (Biologically.)
I exist.
I am a Filipina.
I think I'm human. (Enough.)

Then why the heck is my birth certificate not in NSO*?!
*National Statistics Office

Perhaps I was not born. Eh? XD

A more plausible explanation (and so as not to be annoyed with the government offices some more), perhaps the fates are on my side and delaying my flight. Hehe.


I might be going away this coming March or April.
I hope not. It's my sister's graduation on April 22.
I want to stay.


I who don't have dreams of working and living abroad.
I who don't have plans of upgrading my cellphone.
Now have the opportunity.
If only I can give it to someone else.

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