Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ready, Set, Go

I should be going home right now but because I'm uploading some pics, I got delayed. (It just got completed upload but hey, I'm already in the mood right now so keep up with me here. Hehe.)

This is not my first post for 2008 and I'm sorry if I haven't anything else to talk recently except for my emotional baggage. I blame the non-Internet access for this. Haha.

But since I read Kiko's welcome post for 2008, I deemed it necessary to blog this. I've been keeping it in my mind, not having the time to let it out. Here it goes... an explanation.

2007 has been a good year especially since I finally was able to complete paying for our house debt... last December. *clap clap clap*

You don't know how much I was relieved. It didn't matter if I can't buy a Christmas gift for myself... that's the gift already. Thank God!

So since that's over, I'm gearing this year to focus on my own goals... which means a lot. And that includes time for more blogging. Yeah! But that would only happen when I settle at home for work. (Please pray with me.) So that's still in the pipeline so you have to settle with tidbit posts till the end of the quarter. Kindly bear with me. Thanks! XD

The start of 2008 has been pretty adventurous and exciting. I hope it continues so for me and for you also, of course.

For instance, my friend got married last Jan 18. It was sweet and touching. But it also made me realize that we've really grown up. :'( Nevertheless, congrats, Loyme and Wilma!

Mr. & Mrs. Geronimo
Afterwards, our company kickoff was just last Jan 31 - Feb 2 at Laguna and the fun part is we played Paintball! (I still don't have the war game pics though.)

On the red corner...
This weekend I'll be going with officemates to Baguio. And next weekend, I'll go back to Baguio with my high school friends naman! Whew! I don't mind the physical exhaustion but what about the financial exhaustion?! Hehe.

I have to go home now. It's my housemate's birthday. Greet ko na rin sya. Happy birthday, Dong!

God bless you all! ^_^

P.S. I failed to mention that I am also part of 1GB (One Gig Band), something that we cooked up in the office to steal ourselves from work and stress. :D Our first performance was also at the kickoff. I'll post the vids when I get them already. (When kaya?)

1GB First Gig

P.S.2. Also, I'm anticipating my lovelife to bloom this year. Anong konek? Ala lang. Hahaha XD

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  1. lot of things to be done,huh. as for the last one on your to do list...surely im positive with that one :)