Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Suicide to Poverty II: Digging Deeper

I don't believe that Mariannet killed herself only because of poverty, to think that many of our kababayans are drowning in poverty. However we can never find that out. We cannot ask her now.

Killing one's self is cowardice.

Sorry but it's true. I am saddened with Mariannet's tragic end but nevertheless, it is still wrong. She succumbed to her hopelessness. I believe it is more noble to live on, to fight the very reason of one's downfall. Mas marangal ang magpatuloy sa buhay at labanan ang mismong sanhi ng pagkalugmok, pagkasadlak.

I was shocked to learn that she was only 12 years old and felt such depressed with life. A tender age, as I've said before, to give up on life. Yet, on second thought, who can say what one should feel at a certain age? Are adults the only ones to feel the burden of life's cruelty? Here Mariannet attests that it is not. Despair can strike both the young and old, the rich and poor. We are all equal to emotions.

I also believe that the government should not be primarily blamed for Mariannet's actions. We are all shaped by our environment --- our family, school, community. My condolonces to her family but questions arise in my mind: Did Mariannet have a secure and open communication with her family? Did she have a friend to confide on who could have given her advice or, moreso, a shoulder to cry on?

Mariannet's story will soon be forgotten in the ever-rising crises of the Philippines. We tend to be a forgetful nation. Now we feel aggrieved; the next week, joyous or unfeeling - depending on the occasion and headlines.

But before that happens, I hope that we not only pray for Mariannet's soul and her family's strength. May we also reflect on our relationships with our loved ones so as to prevent another Mariannet in our lives.

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