Monday, November 5, 2007


Morning of November 3rd greeted me with a clatter.

As I was stretching and enjoying my endless sleep of the vacation, my mind jolted with the sound of something that fell on the floor. Since I have no eyesight without my glasses or contact lenses, I didn't know the bright green thing looking back at me. I had to reach out for it and look it in the eye. It was Green Teddy.

The Green Creatures
The Green Creatures
Green Teddy (aka GT) is seen hanging out with his green pals.
GT is behind Piggy and beside Ostrie the Ostrich.

Before moving on with why GT is lying with me in my bed, I have to tell why he's (I can't say it) even in my home.

After he served his noble purpose of eating away our 5-peso coins in the office, we decided to pierce his lungs using a Swiss knife. It was very painful in our part but we had to do it. Eventually the coins, with a couple of 20-, 50-, and 100-peso bills, proceeded to the bank. I'll cut the money story there. Meanwhile, GT just lay in the office till I had the chance to sack him and took him home with me. He could now be seen displayed on our bookshelf. End of GT's social life.

So going back with GT on my bed...

I picked up the glowing greeny teddy and saw an artifical rose (familiar to our plastic roses on the shelf) taped on his tummy with a diamond-cut stationery (similar with my collectible statio) with this inscription:

Thank U so much.
Happy Birthday!
Luv U,

I cried.

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